Webmiep from Holland is going global

by Paula van Dun Retired

I have been active with online marketing in Holland for some years. In October 2010 I decided to cross the border and start online business in on a global level.

This was to put it mildly, confusing at the least. The way of advertising is a lot different than in the Netherlands.

If I would put some advertising lines on a site in Holland, people would laugh at me and don't take me serious. The kind of lines I mean are ones "make money in your sleep, make 10K a month doing nothing, retire in 3 weeks".

So I was pretty unsure in the beginning in deciding what to join and what not to join, how to advertise and where. So I joined some and than I started reading on networks like APSense and Faceplate.

I also started to contribute comments and articles myself. A lot of the articles there and on many other social networks where no more than exact copies provided by the programs.

But there were some persons who posted comments and articles that were different and did really stand out. These persons wrote unique content with valuable information and content without pushing to join for this and that.

There were also similar minded people who connected with me who found me through my comments and postings. They gave me good advice on several issues. The result was that I joined several programs they either owned or had joined too.

Yesterday I found this network too because one of my internet friends on another network recommended it. I love APSense so far and will recommend to my own downline and contacts too and upgrade as soon as funds allow me to.

The main thing I have learned the past 3 months that you need to be very skeptical and picky about  joining something especially if you want to build yourself a good name. There is a lot of malpractice and scam on the net.

Besides that, promoting programs that are bound to fail is a waste of time and money.

The other thing is that you need friends you can trust and provide good information. You can learn from them a lot. This is the beginning in profiling yourself as a leader too. Become a leader people and people will follow you. Remember, people follow people, not programs.

It takes time and effort to build valuable connections and relationships. And like in a marriage you need to nurture them. But in the end you will be rewarded, getting sign ups and referrals will get more easy and of course your earnings get better too.

Update 21/st July 2012

Meanwhile I have made many great friends and valuable connections. Did I make money? Yes I made some but no truck loads yet. The money I earned I invested in my business. I bought quit a few I bought lifetime upgrades. For some of them I broke even and even earned from, some others still cost me money. I became co-owner of another network and was able to start 2 new businesses, my traffic exchange surf-bar-traffic and recently a graphic design service Webmiep Graphics.

Update August 17th 2012

After investing 2 years I parted from a business partner and found new ones and things really start moving forward now. Working on exciting new projects now. Sorry, can't tell yet :)

Update April 2013

I got involved as a partner in The Marketers Co-op owned by Bruce Bates who I consider a great friend and mentor. I learned a lot. In the marketers co-op I found more great partners and friends.

I have been busy. I launched my own Mug themed downline builder service and a similar T-shirt themed downline builder for Dutch programs. I am mainly promoting my own sites in safelists and TEs whereby I promote good opportunities en services from my own sites and blogs and through article writing on social media sites.
Building my own sites and downline will alow me to spend more time on graphic designs and content writing.

About Paula van Dun Magnate II     Retired

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Joined APSense since, October 3rd, 2010, From Kuşadası, Turkey.

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Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Gosh this Apsense is addictive. Next week I really must spend a little less time here and update mu Dutch sites
Oct 22nd 2010 20:48   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I hate it when this happens and it happens to me often lately.
I start the day having the intention to finally update some Dutch sites. But first check messages. I just did, but got distracted, earned credits and launched campaigns. Now I am ready for my plan for today. Guess again. Unfortunately I have a husband that needs to eat so I have to get dinner ready now. This evening I have music practise. I think tomorrow i will work the other way around. First update sites and not open APsense before I'm done.
Nov 24th 2010 09:16   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I am doing great! Both with APSense and Kooiii
Jan 15th 2011 13:14   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I have started a new blog diary on Kooiii so go there if you want to read more entries. Lol click the link "To be continued" in the main content.
Apr 16th 2011 04:42   
Muriel & Graham Legg Professional   Make your website mobile friendly
Know what you mean Paula. I come on APS for 1 hour and end up with 3. There is so much interesting stuff to read and do hjre. Wish you luck
Apr 16th 2011 04:57   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I am a fan of both apsense and kooiii for different objectives. And i am member of other networks as well.So i have to divide it a bit. Do one thing optimal here and another thing optimal somewhere else
Apr 16th 2011 05:13   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Well I think it is about a year ago now since I posted above entry en started my online adventures outside the Netherlands on a global level. Today I was officially announced as admin for APSense. I am the living proof that social business communities work when the tools are used correctly in the way they are intended for. Nobody knew me a year ago. Am I ready to retire? No way. This first year has been a start. A good start but there are still many skills I need to learn and many challenges lie ahead of me. This first year has given me to confidence to move further on the chosen path. I am thankful for all the help and advice I receive from online friends. I would not be where I am know if I had not listened to their advice. I hope that I can make the same positive difference for other people that work from home.
Jun 27th 2011 10:35   
Muriel & Graham Legg Professional   Make your website mobile friendly
Congratulations Paula, another feather in the cap - but - have you invented the 30 hour day because I think I just about see you everywhere now LOL.
Jun 28th 2011 03:37   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Yup. The plate is too full right now. I am taking measures now to make it a bit less full on long term. But it takes me at least 2 weeks to get this reorganization done
Jun 28th 2011 07:37   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
You've gone global in a big way my friend!
Jun 28th 2011 07:40   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I updated this article
Jul 21st 2012 14:05   
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