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On May 25, 2010 -- IAHGames of famous game company announces Singapore wholy-owned subsidiary monsoon is online below its banner (Monsoon Online Pte Ltd. ) already with blizzard recreation (Blizzard Entertainment, inc. ) come to an agreement, obtained in game of Singapore, Malaxiya, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Hong Kong and Macao area blizzard issue right.

According to bilateral agreement, IAHGames will be obtained include [world of WOW of 2][of interstellar contend for hegemony] inside the emission that product of game of blizzard all fronts is in southeast Asia and area of HongKong and Macow counterpoises. These game include [dark black destroy a god] series, [interstellar contend for hegemony] series and [WOW contend for hegemony] and [World of Warcraft] series game.

Our target is to make more players experience the whole world recreation of blizzard game blizzard is presiding Samusi says WOW of operation official Paul: IAHGames is issued in the game with South Asia old district and they will make to the analytic experience of this locality market their help blizzard reachs this one goal.

The interstellar contend for hegemony that the IAHGames that the United States announced to I serve as Director at 8 clock this afternoon took southeast Asia and banner of blizzard of area of HongKong and Macow to fall the sole agent of 2. Negotiated one year to have positive result eventually partly, the effort that is IAHGame feels proud. Hope the product can be heated up greatly. It is a very outstanding product after all. Say of Liang Yonglun of IAHGames project chief inspector.

Blizzard the battle network server that express before this or will become independent in erect of southeast Asia area, optimize the game experience of local player. Popularize degree considering what English is in southeast Asia and area of HongKong and Macow, IAHGames issues [interstellar contend for hegemony 2: Free ala] or will be English edition.

Zhi Guanceng is striven for right is issued in harbor

Taiwan [World of Warcraft] Zhi Guanceng has striven for the parent company of agential Zhi Fandi to be in Hong Kong area hard [2] of interstellar contend for hegemony issues right, look nowadays Zhi Guan has failed. Zhi Guanceng expect uses the following strategy to issue in Hong Kong [interstellar contend for hegemony 2: Free ala]

Edition of set limit to: Price 400 much HK dollar (amount to makes an appointment with) of 350 yuan of RMBs, include on single person task and line many person to battle, but amount of put on sale is limited, sell out stop namely (it is standard edition should do edition of set limit to to sell actually)

Common version: Price tens of HK dollar, include game of on the line many person only (should include AI, sealed) , free and online play a month, after this the expenses with every months of certain collection

Cost of interstellar II month blocks the harbor edition that before Zhi Guanyou plans to will look, the stage takes WOW month cost gets stuck and will come conformity arrives one case, name get stuck for windstorm (seeming is this name, relevant details is not clear also)

Beta test will pause at the end of this month

Blizzard already announced interstellar contend for hegemony recently the test of Beta of first phase of 2 will stop 31 days this month, at the appointed time the server will be shut, blizzard general undertakes soft hardware upgrade to be safeguarded with configuration. Blizzard test of the Beta before still expressing to be issued formally on July 27 in game will be opened afresh, in order to undertake final server pressure checks.

Game will be issued formally on July 27

Blizzard ever announced before this [interstellar contend for hegemony 2: Free ala] will on July 27 global synchronism appears on the market, foreign analyst says to landed chinese mainland 2011. Up to now, [Interstellar contend for hegemony 2: Free ala] domestic agent Netease did not announce any concerned game tests and emission schedule.

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