WoW devs discuss itemization changes in Cataclysm

by lucy

What World Cup match in South Africa today Actually, we aren?t trying to make gear choices easier. We like when it?s a hard call on whether to upgrade vs. stick with what you have, etc. In designer parlance terms, that is an ?interesting decision.? Non-interesting decisions are typically no-brainers. We want to remove some of the confusion over a complicated stat system, which we think we can do without reducing the system?s depth. In fact, the other motivation for the stats overhaul was to solve some of the problems where a certain stat trumps all or a certain stat is always junk. If we nail that, then gear choices will actually be harder in Cataclysm, not easier. We aren?t trying to kill spreadsheets or simulators, and I?m not even sure we could. The situations where two pieces have different stats but provide an equal dps increase are always going to be rare.

As an example, when you aren?t close to a crit cap and when buffs don?t provide so much crit and talents don?t provide so much crit, then haste vs. crit can be a pretty interesting choice. Haste lets you cast spells faster, but crit makes those spells you cast hit harder. At a very basic level you are choosing more spells vs. bigger spells, but because of a number of other factors, it?s not that cut and dried. Haste may provide a dps increase for a caster according to a spreadsheet, but it depends and it might cause you to change your rotation. Comparing armor pen vs. say attack power is much mathier, because they really just both buff melee damage in pretty much the same way. The only time it matters is when you?re near a cap or if you?re a spec that does a lot of spell damage. But you learn pretty quickly for your spec whether armor pen is an awesome stat for you or just an okay stat.

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