The Way To Make Broken China Jewelry

by xiachun

Your favorite vintage china plate just bit the dust by shattering to pieces. But just because the plate can no longer be used as a plate, that doesn?t mean you can?t retain its beauty by creating wearable art. You can make broken china jewelry with just about any hunk of shattered china and your creations can range from delicate earrings to a striking, bold pendant. Some jewelry material and some shattered glass are all you need to make broken china jewelry.


Decide what you want to make. Pendants are probably the easiest, but you can also use broken china to create a ring, bracelet, earrings or even a decorative belt Figure out what best suits your needs and desires and go from there.

Step 2

Prepare your china. Let?s say you?ve decided on a pendent Your first step is to create a hunk of china jewelry that serves your needs. If you don?t have broken china just laying around waiting to be turned into jewelry, you can go find a plate and break it yourself. You can also add to the pattern on the broken china chunk with paint, glued-on gemstones or other adornments as you see fit.

Step 3

Set the broken piece in something that can hold it. Take the china chunk and wrap it with wire or secure it on some kind of backing. China Jewelry mounts are sold at craft stores, or you can make your own using pieces of old jewelry or hardware that fits the purpose. The pendant, for instance, is going to need a simple loop from which to hang on a chain. You can even glue a small jewelry hoop, also sold at craft stores, on the back of the piece to attach to things. Wire wrapped around it also works, if you don?t mind the look of the wire.

Step 4

Attach the broken china pieces to the other china jewelry components. For the pendant, all you need to do is loop a chain through the hoop you?ve set up and you?re good to go. For more elaborate necklaces or bracelets, you?ll want to attach smaller pieces of china together into a chain. Earrings can be made by hooking or gluing the china onto dangling earring hooks or earring backs. A china chunk can be secured to a flat belt buckle to fashion up a belt.

Step 5

Wear with care. As you see from its brokenness, the china can be fragile. Do not bang it around, run into things or wear it during heavy workouts. Not only may you further break the china, but you could cut yourself in the process.

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