Smoking, Healt, life & Tobacco Depedency

by Selvi D. student


The reason with make me telling a story about smoking among adolescent becouse health represent aspect which necessary in human life. In this time, many disease not becaused of germ and bacterium, but rather because of habit or the indisposed life pattern. Smoke is one of habit or the indisposed life pattern. Smoking becoming inveterate habit among adolescent too.

Smoking not only causing various disease but also making worse the various other disease. These days, smoke to be conceived of "Tobacco Depedency". Progressively day, progressively intensively smoke to be publicized in various media print and electronic, progressively day also many adolescent which smoke and addiction. The research please show that the biggest influence smoking at early stage to be predominated by friends. It?s because at this teen-age many time used together with coeval friends. Therefore, influence of group become of vital importance in smoking at adolescent.

Do you now friends? Some research concerning the risk which possible experienced of smoker is please show that smoker have possibility eleven times suffering emphysema causing death compared nonsmoker. Estimated by 2020 year, the death which because of emphysema more knowledgeable with Emphysema Of Obstruksi kronik or emphysema which can?t be healed will occupy four level after trouble bounce, accident of traffic and heart sickness. WHO when 1990 year is expressing that emphysema is including 12 level cause of painfulness and especial death of disease isn?t catching in the world.

Oh ya??., many of we are now the ugly effect of cigarette to our self, but remain to smoke. The risk in fact not only hitting smoker, but also all of people around smoker. That is there are whose not smoking but have to breath in cigarette smoke or the people whose reside in around smoker with told passive smoker. Passive smoker indirectly have included dangerous contaminant into body at the same time with cigarette smoke which without intending to be sipped.

This condition more endangering because the passive smoker body?s unaccustomed with smoke which sipped into their body. Some research report that around 20%-30% occurence cancercous is experience of passive smoker.

Interaction between active smoker with this passive smoker usually happen in public place, like railway station, terminal, city transport and in the bus. Passive smoker suck cigarette smoke without them wish. Ought to in this context, understanding of to condition or situation of others very required by smoker, especially their moment reside in in place public. The understanding of to condition of other people are named with empathy. Empathy is ability to know how feeling of others.

In context smoke behaviour, smoker comprehend that people who attend around him not all take a fancy to cigarette. Beside cognate ability, empathy also entangle ability of afektif that is appropriate emotional respon, so that if smoker comprehend that there is people which don?t like with cigarette, they will be able to feel what a tired are reside in among cigarette smoke and cigarette aroma.

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