How To Treat Underactive Thyroid Weight Gain

by Nnamdi A. Internet Marketer

Approximately 1% of slimmers all over the world are reputed to be influenced by hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid that can lead to a metabolic slow down, weight gain, fatigue, depression and constipation.

What is an underactive thyroid?

Caused by pregnancy and/or excess stress, hypothyroidism can come on at any stage in your lifecycle, despite popular belief that it only occurs in your 40?s-50?s. to an increase in size of your thyroid; your body?s immune system is reputed to secrete antibodies against it that forces you to discharge minimal essential hormones that can lead to the above listed issues?

Yet you don?t have to allow this condition rule your life. As long as you follow a healthy diet, workout often and regularly see your doctor you can get this conditionunder control and experience credible weight loss.

Will it affect my weight loss?

One of the leading indications of having this condition is a slow metabolic rate and a inclination to gain extra weight gain that is impossible to get rid of.

If this overview sounds like you and you are worried that you are hypothyroidism, there are a fewtips you can utilise to help you to benefit from credible weight loss:

Tip one Exercise daily ? if you don't havetime to visit the gym, go to  a exercise session or train with an instructor, simply going for a daily intensive walk can help you to boost your metabolic rate and promote natural weight loss

Try to alternate between slow and brisk walkingevery ten minutes, as well as moving your arms. This will enhance the intensity of your workout and quicken your fat burn. 

Another useful tip is to attach weights to your areas of your bodyto prompt your body to work harder.

TWO Choose your dishes sensibly ? dishes fortified in iodine are acclaimed for interfering with your gland. The main dishes to reducefrom your meals include cabbage, kale, broccoli, mustard, linseed, sweet potato, peanuts and soy meals.

Tip three Remove products renowned for containing stimulants - any form of stimulant whether it is a drink such as caffeine or coke cola, or oral experience such as smoking or alcohol can affect your body and ultimately your weight loss, so reduce these out of your diet and keep them to as small as possible

FOUR Try a dietary pill ? including a proven fat binder such as Proactol into your weight loss plan can help to take the strain of monitoring your thyroid problem and weight loss. 

Clinically proven to remove up to 30 percent of your fat consumption, Proactol can help to combat the affects of an underactive thyroid on your health, enhance your calorie burn and supply you the energy boost you need to perform  exercise and experience weight loss.

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Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Please consult your physician and 'insist' on a blood test. I experienced unexplained weight lost ( over 40 lbs ) over four years ago. I had plenty of energy ( could stay up and be productive for more than 20-hour streatches ) and did not know I had a thyroid issue. Earlier this year, a portion of my thyroid was removed ( goiter ). I have recovered 100% from the procedure, no maintenance medications are needed. I have a year follow-up scheduled. Now that I think about it, I do recall protrusion of the gland and occasional swallowing challenges.
Aug 11th 2010 08:29   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Glad to hear your back to normal I am sure that was scary. Losing 40 #s sounds great but not that way am sure
Interesting article thanks for posting,
Aug 11th 2010 08:42   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Jaz4U, thanks for commenting on this article. Many diseases and conditions are still being misdiagnosed even in this information age in the most developed of countries. He who feels it knows it so, like you, I will advise patients to insist on necessary tests to accurately diagnose their ailments for effective treatment.

I was with a medical doctor last week who told me he was to be operated upon for appendicitis as his doctor and other medically inclined friends advised. However, 2 weeks on, he has not been operated upon because he insisted on incontrovertible proof that he needed appendectomy. In the end, it was agreed, after due tests, that it was not appendicitis that was his problem but a very minor stomach upset for which he was given just drugs that had long since eased the pains.

Imagine what would have happened if he had been cut open only to realize that it was a misdiagnosis?
Aug 11th 2010 12:52   
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