Use Unlimited FREE Splash Pages To Promote ANY Business More Effectively And To Earn More Extra FREE Ads & Cash While Promoting ANY Business

by Gabriel Blaga online advertiser
Why promote a "splash page" instead of your
affiliate program's replicated referral page?
Because a well made splash page will be far more
effective than a "raw" affiliate page through the
fact that it will catch your visitors' attention much
more than a generic replicated referral page.
This is important especially when you promote your
program in various types of traffic exchange or
"paid to click" programs where visitors spend only
seconds on your page and are much more concerned
with earning ad credits and / or some cash than with
paying attention on the pages that are shown to them,
yours included.

Let's see the example of a "get paid to read"
program that you may promote. Which way
you think you'll be more effective:

by promoting the program's replicated affiliate

or by promoting a splash page like this  ?

Well, you can be sure that promoting the splash
page will bring you much more signups.

To create unlimited splash pages such as the one
you've just seen, or sales pages, content
websites, blogs, etc., absolutely FREE, in literally
MINUTES, without ANY technical knowledge and 100%
web based (nothing to download or upload),
you'll have to use this tool

If you never did it, here below I explain the
few simple steps you must follow to create splash
pages in just minutes (what I show you here
is a "shortcut" tutorial and contains ALL that you
will MOST OFTEN need to build your splash pages;
there are also video tutorials that you may watch in
your member area; don't worry, all that you will
need to do is REALLY simple and can be done by

1. Sign up then log in to your account

2. Click the big green tab "Create a New Site"

3. Select the option "Salesletter style website" then click "Next"

4. Enter a title for your website (this title will appear on the very upper blue edge of your browser window after your web page is finished and opened in your browser)

5. Start editing your splash page by typing your text in the text "case" you see there. HINT: it is better to delete the first "blank" text "case" (or let's call it text "block") that appears at first spontaneously in your editing field (the one with some pre-written text within) and replace it with another one that you will "drag and drop" from the left menu into the editing field in a way that I explain you in detail here below, at the paragraph below called "EXPLANATION" (this new blank text "block" will only have the following pre-written words "Paragraph. Click to edit." Just delete those words and start typing your text.  Be aware that after typing some lines in the first text "block", you will be warned to start typing in a NEW text "block" otherwise you will have problems with keeping on typing your text in the original "block"); when you're done editing, click on the big green tab "Save and View Website" (hint: repeat the "Save and View Website" operation TWICE, as it seems to work better like this)

the way you add BLANK text "blocks" is by clicking on "Editor Tools" on the left menu, then choose from the drop down menu "Text Tools", then choose the case "Paragraph" that you will "drag and drop" in the "text block" field.

Creating text links on your page works like this: highlight the text that you want to contain the link then click on the globe icon at the editor top menu and a small window will appear. On that window, click on "Website" and paste the website address you want to link to in the given case but PAY ATTENTION that the address that you put in the case, contains ONLY the part which comes AFTER "http://" or "www", so that, for example, if you want to link to

then you will enter in the case just the following part

The very important HTML code insertion feature - DON'T WORRY, it's not about knowing any HTML, because you will JUST have to copy and paste various HTML codes from different other websites and all those codes will be "ready made", so that all that you will have to do is to just copy and paste them into your splash page. This feature is VERY important and you MUST do it because it allows you to place banners, text ads, etc., on your page and, through this, to earn more automatic advertising and / or cash while promoting your business. It is very simple. All you have to do is literally just "copy and paste" and it works like this:

- while being logged into your text editor, go to the left menu and click on "Widgets", then, on the drop down menu, click on "Advanced", then drag and drop the case "Custom HTML" into the editing field

- an editing "block" will appear with a pre-written text within; just delete that text and paste any HTML code in the blank space that you get after deleting the text; you'll find the HTML codes that you will paste there on various websites and there will be codes for banners, text ads, e-mail capture forms, videos etc.; to "center" your banners, text ads, etc., after pasting the HTML code, choose the option "Center" from the "Alignment" menu which is at the upper part of your editor; finally, click on the big green tab "Save and View Website" (as I told you before, repeat the "Save and View Website" operation TWICE, as it seems to work better like this)

Now I'll show you some examples of how to actually put those codes on your splash page so that you can earn more extra free ads and cash while promoting your business.

Let's take the example of the OrangeLeads text ads. You can place Orange Leads text ads on your splash page so that whenever someone click on any of those text ads, you are GUARANTEED to earn AT LEAST ONE of the following:
- a targeted visitor to your website, through the Orange Leads click exchange system
- money
- an Orange Leads downline member combined with either a visitor to your website or money

After putting the Orange Leads text ads on your splash page, it may look like this (you may have to wait a couple of seconds till the ads load up)


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