Jaz Jets Welcomes New Team Members

by Jan aka Jaz Green


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Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
JazLive is my Open Network Community ~ it has gotton a little wild ~ have to take time to arrange citizens :)
May 9th 2009 16:26   
Marvin Green Freshman  
Jaz, I arrived.
Jul 6th 2009 11:35   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Yes! Jaz Jets Team Leader MC10Q, thanks for joining the ApSense community. When ever you post an ApSense business blog, add the link in your profile blog in TrafficEra so I will know to visit. Thanks for the top :$
Jul 6th 2009 14:51   
Dave Shore Freshman  
Hi Jaz,

I found my way here - thanks for the recommendation!

Jul 30th 2009 01:14   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Hi Dave, I was surfing ts25 and saw your post on the team's page. How about working on LION status in LinkedIn, I have HOT tips to share with you. It is is practically NO WORK compared to surfing. We have the owner of a growing Open Network group in JazLive Network; his name is also Dave :~)

I "bet" visitors will visit the site of the first Jet member showing on the first row <wink> <wink>

Thanks for stopping by; hopefully more team members will show up :)
Jul 30th 2009 15:27   
Leif Anderson Freshman  
Hello Jan,

I read your message in Traffic Era, and I would like to thank you for your consideration of having me on your team. I would to first try to build my own team before I join another one. I want this team to just like yours, and want to promote it like you do. Is there anyway you can possibly help me. I have taken a very important first step, and have created a TEAM BLOG!!! here on APSense.
Nov 2nd 2009 05:48   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
I will be happy to assist you Leif. You are a member of my private LinkedIn group; start a discussion topic: TrafficEra Team and I will respond with team building tips :$
Nov 6th 2009 10:50   
Ruben A. Advanced   Online Article Writer
Hi Jaz & mc10q! This is my profile url here at apsense
Nov 22nd 2009 16:22   
ggrl86 Junior  
cool article
Jan 5th 2010 17:25   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Okay Jets ~ I am back, recently had surgery and am doing "Grrrrreat" like Tony the Tiger. Ladies and Gentlemen, I urge You to have a Thyroid evaluaition at your next health check-up. My thyroid issue was not discovered by my long-time family physician, it was discovered by their Physician Assistant Trainee.

No, I do not hold my family physcian accountable for not discovering the abnormalitly prior to their assistant, after all my doctor is highly skilled and I appreciate my family doctor for extending thier wisdom to new physicians.

I am well from a thyroid issue. No further medication nor treatment is necessary.
Mar 17th 2010 12:51   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Happy 2nd Anniversary ~ Jaz Jets, visit "Conversions" at Jaz Network Cash for anniversary post.
Mar 23rd 2010 07:58   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Hello Jet Team leaders and team mates, just posting an update. I have been working on cranking up a new online store. My collection of Afgans ( made from knitting worst ) personally created with my own hands; are almost ready to be photographed and displayed. Yes, this is a slow solo process, this is why I have been missing in 'surfing action' - LOL

If any of You know any One who makes hand-crafted items, contact me in the community. I like to check out what they are offering :)
Aug 8th 2010 10:38   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Happy belated 3rd Anniversary "Jets" ... I have been making new connections with non-marketers. Am finding "social games" to be the fastest way to make new connections and share published articles. NOTE: To date, this article has been visited 13,459 times. Happy Anniversay Jaz Jets :D
Feb 18th 2011 16:00   
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