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by Affandi Hamzah

Would You Commit Just $100
for an Endless Stream of Income?

If you know where to look, you can buy just about anything for pennies on the dollar. Then, if you know the right people, you can sell those items for nearly their full retail value. Big money is made in any economy, by people with the right connections. The good news is ... you now know people with the right connections.

You have an opportunity to create a consistent monthly income without getting involved in sales, management, meetings, paperwork, or worry! The team at AAN has all the right connections and does all the buying, selling, and heavy lifting. As a member, your job is to help fund the projects. The great news is that the program is set up so anyone can afford to participate and acquire a membership.

The video you see below is an interview between David Cheyne, prominant internet marketer, and Chris Bell, our President. Dave and Chris worked together many years ago when Affordable Affiliates hosted physical stores to sell their products. Now, years later, they have come together again to show you the value behind the Affordable Affiliates Network. Watch this short video for a real show of what we can do for you!

Here is How the AAN Program Works

Investment Chart

Theoretical Example:

We buy an Item for $10.00 and sell it for $100.00 .
Your initial $10.00 + 10% of the $90 profit is returned to your account for re-investment ($19).
10% or the profit is added to your monthly payout ($9).
5% of the profit is sent to your designated charity ($4.50).
5% of the profit goes to the person who referred you to AAN ($4.50).

Actual Historic Sale:

AAN Purchased a Book Collection for $3,000 and Sold it for $494,000 creating $491,000 in profit. If Investors backed the original purchase then they would receive $98,200 of the profits for distribution. Making their profit share equal to 3,273.33%. That would have been the actual return based on this example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This an MLM Program?
No. There is no requirement that you build an organization, recruit a downline, move any products or manage any people. An ongoing referral bonus is paid to you by the company for anyone you directly refer to the program. The bonus is 5% of the profit from each of your referrals deals. Funds are paid directly by the company on a monthly basis and do not affect the referral's share.
How Does the Buy-in Work?
When you enter the program you establish a membership account used to contribute to deals that are made. You can start with as low as $100, and can deposit additional money into the account. However, your total amount deposited cannot exceed $500. There are no initiation or monthly fees associated with this program.
How Does My Account Grow?
Each time that you are involved in a sale you receive a portion of the profit from that sale proportionate with your contribution. 10% of the profit is sent to you on a monthly basis and the other 10% is rolled back into your account for further purchases. The power of compounding will cause your account to grow at an exponential rate causing your monthly payouts to grow as well.
How Is My Membership Money Applied?
At the present time we are limiting the amount that is contributed by any one person to $10 per transaction. So, if you have $500 in you account you can participate in 50 different transactions at a time. We do this for three reasons. First, by participating in a lot of transactions it will smooth out the flow of your money. Second, if for some reason a sale is delayed we don't want a large portion of your membership fund sitting idle. Finally, it is always good practice to spread your acquisitions across a broad range of transactions because some will be much more lucrative than others and being in a lot of transactions will level out the field.
How Is Participation in Transactions Assigned?
Assignments to transactions are done by computer. when presented with a new transaction to fill it simply goes to the next person assigning $10 shares until the purchase price is covered. Consequently, there is no human intervention and no chance for playing favorites.
Will I be Able to Track My Transactions?
Yes. As soon as you are assigned to a transaction it will appear on your inventory page. Information will include a picture of the item, name, total cost, your contribution.
Do I Have to Pay the Charity?
No. You get to designate which charity a portion of the profits will go to, but the actual payment comes from AAN and does not in any way affect the money that you receive. In addition, because the money is paid by the organization it does not count against you from and income perspective.
How Do I Refer Someone to the Program?
Everyone who joins the program has a member number. On your referral page in the back office is a link with that code embedded in it. The link can be sent in an email, and put on a website or blog. When the prospective member clicks on the link the computer at AAN recognizes your number and assigns that person to you in the database. That's all there is too it.
How Do I Track My Referrals?
On the same page will be a list of all your referrals including their ID Number, first and last names, email address, and total membership fees paid. You will only be able to see those members who you refer directly.
When and How Do I Get Paid?
You get paid once a month for all personal and referral business that has closed. Payment is made through the same medium you used to make your deposits. In most cases it will be Solid Trust Pay, but other arrangements can be made if need be.
Do I Have to Put Money Into My Account When I Register?
No. You can put money into your account at any time. Don't let waiting on a payday keep you from signing up. During that week while you are waiting for a paycheck you can be talking to potential referrals for the program. Keep in mind you get 5% on all the deals they are in which can have a huge impact on your income.
What If I Have More Questions?
Feel free to email us with any questions at

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