Fix The Blue Screen of Death From Registry Repair

by LaPrentiss Sampson
The Registry in your computer is the most vital part of your computer. It is like the captain of a ship because it knows all the information that your computer needs to perform and behave smoothly. Every time you use your computer, like putting files and installing programs, then eventually you erase or uninstall them, the configuration of the program stays in your registry. As a result, your registry gets clogged up with invalid and useless files or programs causing your computer to slow down or crash. One of the problems that will occur is the "Blue Screen of Death" (Windows Stop Error). This term is overly dramatic but this has been a very popular term since Windows started.

The experience of this error is when your screen halts and there's nothing you can do to make the computer to work. A blue color will replace your screen with a puzzling message says, Windows has encountered an error and must shut down. A series of codes are given in the form of 'OOOxOOO (OOOOxOOO) etc These codes are prior to conditions that caused the error and would help in the diagnosis. You should write down the error code whenever they show up.

Pressing the keys "CTRL ALT DEL", doesn't help the computer to function. The only way is to press reset or just turn the computer off and on again. A lot of people would choose to replace their old computer with a new one or leave them in a computer shop to be fixed. Do not get your hopes down because there are a lot of cheap and easy ways to do away with the Blue Screen of Death.

The causes of your computer to experience blue screen have close relationship with memory, CPU, rate, CD-ROM device, disk fragmentation and etc. Almost anything from a minor malfunction to a major system malfunction can cause this error to appear. This error occurs whenever Windows detects a critical problem from which it cannot recover.

Even when you are in safe mode, and the Blue Screen of Death occurs, chances are it is a hardware problem. The reason may be your installation of a new hardware. So you better remove the new hardware to see if the problem goes away. On the other hand, if you have ruled out the hardware issue, then you start up your computer in safe mode. If you are now in safe mode, do a virus check and spyware scan of the entire system. Properly eliminate the problem if anything was found.

Basically, the best solution for you to avoid or to fix Windows error is you do a registry repair. There are a lot of safe and fast Registry cleaning tools available in the market. This would allow you to fix your registry and make your PC's performance back to the way it was when you bought it. With just a few easy steps, you will find the problems caused by invalid entries. This would then give you a list of the errors found, choose to repair each item or just automatically repair them all.

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