List Building For Your Affiliate Marketing Business, You Need The Tools Of The Trade

by Kang Dedi
We all hear the success stories about the big money, some so-called super affiliates make. There is no doubt some affiliates make big money. But why do so many fail or make little money? To be successful you must treat Your business as a serious business. The biggest reason, I think affiliates fail, is they try to promote their affiliate business on the cheap.

To be successful there are some tools that are a must. You must have your own domain. You must have a reliable follow up auto responder. You must build a list of subscribers. You must always be on the lookout for new tools that give you an edge. These are the basics.

Every day I hear about new tools super affiliate marketers are using. Most of us have not heard of some of these. I am going to expose some of these better ones a little later. First, I want to talk about some of the things you must do and things you must not do. You must never send your leads directly to the sales page you are promoting. Send them to a presale page on your domain. You should have either audio or video on that page. You must try to capture their email address and add them to your list. You must look for creative ways to advertise. You must find ways to drive traffic to your site. Submitting articles is important. These are all things most of us know, but a lot of us try to shortcut. Don't! By using discipline and running your affiliate business as a Serious business, the rewards can be huge.

Here are some tools Super affiliates are using: There is a software where you can easily use a video from a sales page you are promoting, put it on your presale page with, the owners permission and have it redirect, using your affiliate link to the sales page. It also cloaks "hides" your affiliate link. It is a must that you cloak your affiliate link in some manner. Never send your lead to a long affiliate link.

Here is one of the best new tools that I have come across. It solves many problems and puts you in control of the site you are promoting. One of the big problems of affiliate marketing is you have no control in the follow up after you send your lead to the sales page. If you fail to capture their email address on your presale page it is up to the owner of the page to follow up. We know most people don't buy the first time they visit a page. They say 7 times is average.

If the onwer does not have an opt-in popup or a signup form then no follow up will be done,and you probably will not make a commission. Until now, there was nothing you could do about it. There is a new software that solves that problem and builds your list at the same time. This software builds a slide-in pop-up with your opt-in form and puts it on sites you don't own. This mean, you can put your pop-up on all sites you are an affiliate on, with your affiliate link cloaked and embedded allowing you as the affiliate to build your list and do the follow up.

If the owner has a pop-up, yours will go right over it. This is legal and is done without hacking into the site. This has changed my affiliate business. There are many more cutting edge tools you should be on the look out for. Tools like these are the difference between being a Struggling Affiliate and a Super Affiliate. Once you get a reputation as a Heavy Hitter affiliate, owners will come looking for you with special offers. Big money will start rolling in.

One of the big things you need to work on is list building. I have a 3 book set on list-building. If you stop by, I will give you free the first volume. If you like it, I will give you free the other two. Thanks for staying with me this far and good luck on your marketing projects.
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