Creating Wealth in Todays Economy

by SuccessFromHome

Living and Thriving in todays economy seems unrealistic and ellusive, yet it is possible.

Through all my reading and researching, during the Great Depression, the focus was on the destitute affairs of people.  In todays media presentations, you are hearing the same.  Loss of jobs, declining GNP, bank failures, foreclosures, etc.

What the media isn't telling you is that there are people who are actually making it BIG in this kind of economy.  It is true.   However, these people are in the 5% of peoples, they are risk takers, motivated and stubborn not to let the 'opportunities' of life pass them by.  They are driven by the challenge to make the legacy they leave more important than the present state of affairs. They are challenged by this economy and not willing to let it take them down!

Those of you who own a business, specifically from home, know what I mean.  Those who believe in the Cash Flow Quadrant, by Robert Kyosaki, know what I mean.  If you haven't got that book yet, get it and read it.  Rich Dad Poor Dad is also another great book.

These books will challenge you to 'think outside the box' to challenge the status quo of mediocrity thinking and lifestyle.    Some more books to consider:

The Magic of Thinking Big

Launching a Leadership Revolution

If you do not have a home business, you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime! You are missing out on tremendous tax advantages, tremendous personal growth and yes, substantial income! 

Having a thriving business  in a less than prosperous economy is possible when you..

1)  Have a solid business model with a proven product  or service that has a need,

2) You are not afraid to delay your gratification, making the necessary sacrifices NOW for tremendous blessings LATER. 

Keeping your priorities in line: 1) God, 2) Family, 3) Business

3) Have the work ethic of a Champion, work hard and reap the blessings,

Be consistent and persistent - is the motto,

4) Are willing to learn, be a student, (no matter where or how successful in the past you have been), to do what it takes NOW and then 'just do it' as the NIKE slogan says,

5) Getting the materials you need to get started right, getting into the training system the company provides right away and attending the 'out of this world' events,

6) Never quitting, no matter how many people laugh at you, tell you how it won't work, how you'll never do anything with this... and by the way, those are the people that see the blue hue...everyday.. as they zone out on the TV or computer "wishing" things were different but too affraid to make it happen.

7) Be part of a cause greater than yourself  to support and watch grow.

There are 4 types of people as the Cash Flow Quadrant talks about:

E: Employeementality - those that trade time for money.  In other words, you are selling yourself for retail and are paid at wholesale.

S: The Self Employed - all this is is a slave to your business, very similar to the E mentality, however, there is much more stress, especially with all the taxes and limitations, advertising, employee headaches...need I say more? Ouch...

Then, there is the other side - the 5% side.  The side where people's thinking is so different from the 95% of the people out there.  Those people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Sam Walton, Ray Kroc  just to name a few... These people have a much different thinking pattern than the E's and S 's.

The other side..

B: Business Owner- the one who gets paid based on their productivity, not trading time for money.

These people take advantage of opportunities, the tax advantages, helping people change their lives as well, they change their thinking patterns having the delayed gratitification to wait it out, 'get better' 'do more' mentality.  They are always setting goals, making plans, keeping up with trends, involved in the training system, getting the right product that helps people and adjusting the course as necessary.  These people are making money!  They are increasing their incomes, especially during these times of uncertainty.

*Did you know that a rocket heading to the moon is on track only 3% of the time?  Yes, the rest of the time they are 'adjusting their course' so they "hit the goal" of landing.  The same with airliners.  They are always adjusting their course.  So should we.

Then, there is the

I: The Investor.  Well, these people like Warren Buffet capitalize when times are down.  When the market is low, they buy up companies that no one else sees, no one else pays any attention to.  They do the research, do the time, buy low and sell high. Keep going, not panicing but riding out the storm.  Look at Berkshire Hathaway.

For most of us though, investing in anything right now is nill at most.  There simply isn't enough to go around.  The bills are stacking up, the healthcare is going down. The promises of SSN retirement accounts are dwindling fast. There is much more month left at the end of the money.  Is that you?

The baby boomers are aged 44 to 64 today.  How does your future look?  Did you know that SSN will be gone when we are ready to retire?  Are you counting on the government to provide your income at the level you are accustomed to?  Without being looked at as callous, it will not happen.

Do you know the 45 year plan?  That is where you work for 45 years, retire, and then receive

1/2  to 1/3  of the income you used to~!    As sad as it is,  Yes.  Ask many of our retired people how their lifestyle is?  If they say it is fine, do a survey, ask them if they are making more than when they were working or less, and how much less.  You'll find your answer.  The question remains, are you 'willing' to live that way?  We are not!

The sooner we all open our eyes to the realities of our futures and realize that "if it's going to be, it's up to me," the sooner you can get started on a different course for your life.

Too many people start so many businesses in good faith only to find that the people they love and depend on tell them, that "they are crazy".... then they quit on their dreams.  If the person that 'loves' them tells them that... they must be right, yes?  NO!!!    Don't let others 'limiting minds' limit your life and where you are taking your life.   They may mean well, God Bless them, yet they dont really have a clue what it would be like on the other side...

If you do the research and read biographies and books you will see that ALL successful entreprenuers (Henry Ford, Einstein) had those that "loved them" tell them they are crazy for venturing out on their own.  Usually, however, those people have lower bank balances than you do, they do not take their kids on vacations, they have no dreams..  left..

It dosent need to be that way! Everyone in the USA and the world have the opportunity to make a BIG change in their lives.  The real fact is so few do. Why? In my experience, so many people are satisfied with mediocrity. Period.  They do not know any better, they've lost their dreams many years ago.  They don't even know 'how to dream' anymore.  "It is better not to, because it will never come true anyway."  Well, I am here to tell you that you can re-ignite your dreams.  If you look, you will find them deep inside, they are still there! God put them there.

You just need to break out of the cycle of negative thoughts and actions that have kept you bound.  Thinking leads to action, positive thoughts lead to positive action and prosperity, negative thoughts lead to poverty - no action - it is as simple as that.  The Magic of Thinking Big will help you with this one.

Before we started our own businesses, we had the 45 year plan on the brain.  We were living paycheck to paycheck. We had no dreams.  Our dreams/goals were buried under years of negative programming, years of debt, years of people telling us "you are crazy, go get a job!" go to school, get your degree, go to work and then pay the taxes and bills.  That's life.

Make no mistake, I am all for school and degrees, dont get me wrong.  However, I know too many people with top degrees AND top debt, that are a waitress or bartender or janitor because they can't find a job. Why not start a business and use those skills or at least some of them?

Today, our dreams are back thanks to this company!  What we wanted when we first got married, what we wanted to do and have before having kids is back, newer, more refined, BIGGER.  There isn't anything in these dreams that our children cannot be a part of.  And they are excited too! Having a business is also teaching them to Dream! It is teaching them work ethic, not to listen to the masses and mediocrity -  but to listen to those who are where we want to be!

What I tell my kids is that "they CAN ACHIEVE all things that they can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE." Whatever they want to do in life is theirs for the asking.  I do not limit their dreams or thoughts.  I do steer them in the way of glorifying God through serving others, valuing life around them, helping those in need, working hard for what you want.  I also tell them that it is their choice to win the race or quit.  You see, it isn't whether you come in FIRST place in the race that makes you win.  It is COMPLETING the race before you that makes you a winner and a champion!

There has to be more than the day-to-day grind.  There is! There is so much more! 

What it takes is devling into a business model that encourages entreprenuers, keeps them growing and learning, keeps them building, keeps them sharp!  Then it is up to the person(s) to take the baton and run with it.  The dreaded "C" word.  "Committment"

Without committment and action that is necessary to "finish the race" you'll never make it

When things get hard, which they inevitably will, you must keep goingYou must.  No matter what, do not quit!  No matter how foolish others 'think' you are, it doesn't matter.  My dad, before he died said, "I am amazed at your success at this business, I could never do it!" "You will do great" "Keep going!" and I am.

Keep your thoughts on where you are going, NOT where you are right now.  Keep your eyes focused on the prize, keep your eyes on your dreams.  Write them down.  Keep a journal, cut out pictures of where and what you want to be/do and in what period of time.  (Have your kids get involved too!) Tell yourself that "no matter what, I am going to do what ever I can today for our family business." Then take the steps, no matter how small and insignificant they may 'seem'.

Get into a business that will take you there, that will be fun; that will make a difference in your life and that of your family, plus the many others that you will touch on a daily basis.  That has a proven training system, simply the best in the world!  That has international exposure, where you choose the income where you want to be; that the people will hold you accountable to your dreams and help you grow; and you will meet people along the way that have been where you are, plus allowing for substantial growth both personally and income. 

I hope that you have been challenged by this, that it has given you hope and has encouraged you to go and find your dreams, chase them.  Don't EVER let anyone tell you that you cant!  Because you can!  Think you can - you can! Think you cant, and you cant.

Everyone has a birth date and a death date.  What each one has in between those dates is the (-) dash.. what are YOU doing with your dash? You are in the 'dash' right now. If you don't like where you are at, NOW is the Time to change and adjust the course so you land ON the mark...

Take advantage of what is out there for you and set your course, dont stop until you make it! Do whatever it takes, how ever many times it takes, but do it!

Happy Entreprenuering!

God Bless

J. Reed

Entreprenuer and Proud Mother of 5 boys


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