Secret Tips for Skin Care - All Skin Types

by Amin Lalani

To take care of your skin effectively, first you have to know how to choose the products appropriate for your own skin condition. Our skin is divided into dry skin, oily skin,mixed skin and normal skin. And such each skin also has different qualification as follows;

Dry skin;
Dry skin is caused from lacking of natural oil which nourishes skin and it can’t store the moisturizer. Dry skin has delicate pore but if it is dry and rough or until peeled and flaked, its touch is not so gentle enough and it is easy to provide wrinkle especially when you are older, your skin will be drier because the sebaceous gland works more slowly. Therefore you should choose the products that increase moisturization to your skin and protect the wrinkles to you such as olive oil, honey or shea butter, etc.

Mixed skin;
Mixed skin is mixed between dry skin and oily skin. The oily skin usually generates around T-Zone area or forehead, nose and chin. The size of se sebaceous gland around here is big and works better than any other area therefore it is easy to cause acne. Whereas the skin around both cheeks is normal or dry therefore you should choose the products that make the balance for both skins to be closely to each other.

Normal skin;
Normal skin is the best skin. It usually has no problems about wrinkle or acne. Not only you should clean, adjust and moisturize your skin, but also should take care it more when you face quite hot or cold weather in order to maintain your skin health. For this skin, you can take care of it easily by just using lotion mixed together with natural substance such as aloe vera, chamomild flower, sheabutter and the products mixed with milk and soy bean protein, etc. because the such mixture can preserve your skin not only moisturization but also flexibility. It will protect your skin from the changeable weather.

Oily skin;
Oily skin caused from the sebaceous gland worked too much and the middle till big size of pore therefore it appears the oily skin especially around T-Zone area and the problem followed is acne because of blocking up of oil along the pore. However the oily skin person doesn’t encounter wrinkle problem easily like other skin types. You should choose the products that control oil and protect acne. The best way is choosing the products consisted of natural substance. If you are the one who easily has an allergy you should choose the tender formula products. Whoever only uses bar soap for bathing regularly and find the dry and tight, broken and itchy skin problems, try to change this to be tender formula bath jell no mixture of cleanser which may cause irritant symptom because most of jell baths will not leave the tight and dry skin to us after a bath shower.

If you would like to scrub the skin for sometimes, you should choose the products consisted of scrub cream to be importance because the general scrub cream usually makes your dry skin drier. Therefore the scrub cream which is appropriate to every kinds of skin should have the mixture of things that can remove the dead cell effectively such as papaya, coffee ground or sea salt, etc. Additionally, you have to use things that moisturize your skin after scrubbing such as coconut oil, sheabutter or honey, etc.

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