Introducing Jottit And Showing Off Wendy's Hot Looking Splash Page!

by Jeff Greene Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

 Sometimes the websites that we are given to promote are so uniform and boring that  it becomes a chore to capture a reader's interest and attention, and keep them long enough to share your information. These days, I have noticed that effective 'Stickiness" requires something a bit different...

 Perhaps a faster loading webpage with a bit of music, some images, personalised text...You know, something that puts a bit of yourself in your marketing...

 Well I was thinking about this today, and I went looking for stuff..  The result of my search was one of the fastest free website builders, I have ever seen!

 It's called JOTT- IT... And trust me, that's about all it really takes to get a complete and editable webpage up and running... I PM'd Wendy... and about 15 minutes later, she came back with the following page (To help promote her Qassia link)


 And here's mine (To promote One On Forty)

 Believe me, these pages are a lot more attractive than their affiliate link interfaces... I will have no problem circulating these pages throughout the ad networks... They are outstanding,  creative and something that will certainly make our promotions a lot easier and more effective...

 Consider doing this your your own programs. It's a really fast and easy way to kick "Boredom's Butt" to the curb! LOL! :)

 Good Going, Wendy! :) HUGGS Bigtime!

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Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
You can add a Title, and a Links page, too!

There some very good tools on this one! Just go to Settings while you are in the Edit mode... This is super easy! :)
Jan 31st 2008 14:17   
Wendy Senior   
Jeff is right it was almost instant and worked like a charm

You can even tweak a few things later

Excellent for instant pages

Thanks my friend

Jan 31st 2008 22:44   
Wendy Senior   
Guess noone wants to see (pout)
Feb 1st 2008 09:27   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
They'll come runnin', Wendy!

This is so easy that I'm willing to bet $50.00 PPC advertising that the most page building challenged Newbie here on Apsense can do it! :)
Feb 1st 2008 09:33   
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