Learning, Loving & Leading in Internet Marketing"

by Rose Vidal Paralegal, Marketing & Promotion

"Learning, Loving & Leading in Internet Marketing"

by Teresa Bishop

In the world of internet marketing, I have to say, most people probably see themselves as followers. I know that is how I saw myself .

The big problem for me was that I was just so new to this whole world of making money from home. I mean a person gets up, gets dressed and goes to work to earn a living, right? But is that really the only way?

I think many of us go through stages, which I call the 3 L's . . . .Learning . . . ..Loving . . . ..Leading.

Learning, of course anyone doing something for the first time knows that there is a learning curve. Even in a new relationship, the first part is learning about each other.

Business will be no different. We can't say, I am going to start a business and expect to just magically know it all right then and there. That is why it was essential for me to align myself with a company that offers a wealth of training. I did not want to be left standing and wondering, what do I do now? My company offers just that, hours of training each week, access to the owners who help and support you through it all and the top earner closes for you.

Thank goodness for that, because I am one person who was overwhelmed at the thought of owning my own business and all of the "what happens if" questions that came along with it. The learning process will continue, there will always be something to learn and I want to be sure I am being taught by the best.

I can't express just how vital training is. I try to absorb every word. In housewife terms, I am the paper towel and their words are the spill that I am absorbing.

Loving what I am doing comes with each new thing I learn. I was such an infant in this home business world, but I have learned and can apply my knowledge and get that sale, earn that money & I can't help but smile and say, I LOVE THIS! Yes, it takes work, yes, it takes time, but oh it is so worth it to be able to say, I work at home and I love it! Do I love it every second of every day? Well, I must confess, I have my times of frustration, but that is usually when I have come upon something that I just do not know about, and then the love may become less, but, I seek out the answers and once again am along my happy way. There is nothing in life that has no bumps, it is how we manage those bumps that counts.

Leadership... I have noticed I have come a long way from the day I said, yes, I want to join this, I want my own business. I have gone from asking almost all of the questions to being able to answer them. I was surprised just a few days ago when someone was asking a friend about blogging. My friend could not answer, but I was able to pull from my training and lead her through the set up so she could get started. I kind of chuckled because I remember my husband saying, one day you will be leading people in this home based business world. My reply was I doubted that very seriously.

I have no more doubts about that. I know, with hard work and perserverance, I will indeed be a strong leader. My favorite description of what a leader is comes from Dr. Robert Jarvik, creator of the artificial heart and someone, who, as a surgical technologist, I have such huge respect for, along with his accomplishments. Dr Jarvik says, "Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concepts of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen."

I know in the world of homebased businesses, most of my friends "warned" me of these odds, some even saying I would never make this happen. I prefer to look at it the same way Dr Jarvik would, with a poorly developed sense of fear, no concept of those "odds" against me.

The only odds against me are the ones I put there myself and listening to those who won't even try because of their fear of something unknown would go against my grain.

My husband fights in Iraq every single day and will for many more months to come. Believe me, I know what fear of the unknown is, but I can't just lay down and let it eat me alive.

I want to be a leader and I want to make what others see as impossible happen. I want to help others achieve these same goals. To do this, I make sure I align myself with true leaders who mentor me and are interested in my success.

Don't settle for less than what you know you are capable of. Get busy learning, loving and leading.


Teresa Bishop runs an internet marketing business from her home. She is currently looking forward to the return of her husband who is serving his third tour in Iraq. Learn more about Teresa and her business opportunity at


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Lisa G. Committed   Health Wellness & Wealth Consultant
I enjoyed reading your blog.
These are very encouraging words for everyone! :-)

I'm surprised that I did not see it sooner.

Nice to meet you Rose.
May 10th 2008 15:54   
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