Business Marketing Tips in a Step by Step series - Step 2 "WHY" do you do it.

by Tobias Fransson
Business Marketing - Step 2 "WHY" do you do it.

Today I'm going to help you with, not only defining your why but also help you to get it down on paper as well.  So before you read any further go and grab a pen and paper and keep it close by while you read.

So, you may have heard the phrase "finding your why"before.  It is very easy to explain what it really means.  You're "why" is really just your reasons for wanting to build a business however, in a very detailed manner. Now I'm going to help you to really get to the bottom of why you want to build a business.

Please also note that the same method can be used for anything that you want. If you want to become a famous Musician or Actore etc

Part one:
On  your piece of paper, right at the top of it write this question down. 

Why do I want to grow a business?

You're probably coming up with one or more of these reasons:
* I want or I need more money,
* I want to spend more time at home or work from home,
* I want to spend more time with my children,
* I love to travel, but I can never afford to,
* I want to become financially independent,
* I want to fire my boss and be my own boss.

So just ask yourself the question that I just wrote of why do I want to grow a business? Do so right now.

Any answers that pops up into your mind, write them down.  Don't second guess anything that comes up and don't think that those reasons are just silly nonsense. Put every reason down on paper.

Now if you haven't started writing yet, then stop cheating your way out of this exercise. Go get a pen and paper or you can use a writing software on your computer. And once again ask yourself this question.  Why do I want to grow a business?

Keep repeating this very simple question until you run out of any ideas why you want to grow a business. However, bare in mind though that you're not supposed to fabricate or create reasons for why you want to be building a business.  The purpose of this is just lightly touching on the surface and seeing what is important for you and what your motives are for even considering growing a business.

As an example I will give you some of my reasons, why do I want to grow a business?

I would like to become financially independent.
I want to work from home on my own time schedule.
I would love to travel and experience the world and cultures.
I would like to have the time to pursue challenges or goals that I set for myself.
I would like to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle.
To just name a few reasons.

So I hope that you by now have exhausted any reasons for why you want to grow a business, if you haven't just minimize your Web browser and keep repeating the question until you have exhausted all of your reasons for why you want to grow a business.

Part two:
Now, as you can see, you should have a couple of reasons why you're wanting to grow your business but its not very detailed, is it?
How can knowing that you want to make more money be of any use to you? Most people would like to make more money so why is it important to me?.

Ask yourself this simple question,what do I need the money for or what would I use the money for? Why is it important for me to make more money?

Well, in my case, not having to worry about money.  I would be able to live the lifestyle of my choosing. So what does that mean?  Well, what type of lifestyle do I want to live?  I want to live a lifestyle where I don't have to worry about money.  I don't have to worry if I have enough money at the end of the month since I can pay my bills.  I want to be able to support my family help my mom that has been struggling financially all her life and to be able to provide a decent lifestyle for her.  I want to be able to travel like I already mentioned, and of course that costs money, without having to worry about a traveling budget or if I have enough money to pay the rent when I come back home.

Keep asking yourself questions like: On what you come up with
Why is that important to me?
What would having that or done that mean to me?
How would having, doing or being that make me feel?
Is there more reasons why just this thing is important to me?

I think you're getting what I mean now by getting a detailed reason why you want to grow your business.  Now it's time for you to do the same thing from the list you just made, think of each of those points or reason as a subject.  I want you to ask yourself, the question I wrote above and any additional questions you come up with of that nature. Keep asking yourself that question yet again for just the first topic you have on your list. Keep asking yourself questions on that topic until you run out of reasons for why that is important to you, then repeat the process over and over again until you can get no more detailed answers on any of the subjects you have for wanting to grow a business.

Repeat this process, with each and every one of your reasons.

Yes I realize that this will take a little bit of time to do. But it is worth so much when you have it finished. Because if you don't know why or what reason you have for growing a business, as soon as you have that first bad day or things ain't going your way or whatever the reason is, you are highly like to quite and not go the distance needed to succeed me. And trust me, there will be obstacles, bad days, and a long road ahead of you. It doesn't matter who you talk to that has their own business. They're all going to say the same thing in one form or another.  They all went through some difficulty when they started and usually for a longer period of time. It wasn't a picnic, didn't happen overnight getting it to work and becoming succesfull took time effort and motivation.  Just study people like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Mike Dillard or any successful person out there and you will see this.

Part three:
So, you have just finished writing down your reasons for wanting to grow a business. You have also explored that underlying values of those reasons and having gotten it down on paper in a very detailed fashion, now that piece of paper or document has really become a powerful tool and allie to you on your road to success.

How is that a tool?

Well first off, start by rewriting your detailed answers, either on your computer or on a piece of paper make it look nice and easy to read.  The second thing you want to do is to create copies of it, print it out and make different notes and put them up in areas that you frequently are in, take you'r home as an example. You can put notes on your refrigerator, you can put it on the inside of your front door or the small table standing close to your bed or other places that you frequent a lot.

Each time you pass through those areas take a minute to stop and read them (you'r reasons for wanting to build a business and visualize having fullfiled all of those reasons). Do that on a daily basis and the next time that you run into an obstacle or just having a very very bad day growing your business.  I can guarantee you that you're going to remember one of the reasons why you wanted to grow a business. And this reminder will keep you going instead of quitting.

How can I say that?

Well, I'm guessing that you're having a job. You're possibly working Monday through Friday or you're working some other type of shift.  Now this is a reality for a vaste amount of people all over the globe. Every monday morning, they go up and go to work despite the fact that they really might not want to.

Why are they still going up and going to work?

Well if they don't go to work. They will not be able to pay their bills. So they goto work, because bills don't care what ever they want to got work or not, they just want to be paid. The same thing works with what I just described. When you have a bad day or is faced with a tought obstacles remembering a really detaild reasons for why you set out in the first place is what will motivate you throguh those rough times. Having visualised that on a regular basis will also help to move you'r emotions from the negative side of the problem or difficulty you are facing towards where you are going (becoming succesfull). This will give you more energy to deal with the problem and keep help motivate you not to give up.

To sum it up:
Now, I hope that you have gotten down on paper or a computer document your detailed reasons of why you want to build your business.  And if you haven't, you might be wondering why should I do this?

Well the two major schools of thinking that I have been taught during my own period of struggle was that some say that:

Your success is down to 10% How and 90% WHY you grow your business.

Some have said that it is about 90% HOW and 10% Why.

I don't agree with any of those statements, to me it doesn't sound logically at all.
What does make sense to me is the fact that both aspects are very important. If you don't take the time and give the effort to learn how to do it. You will not succeed because you would probably not be doing the correct things, if you don't have a strong enough reason why you want to grow your business you will not be able to last the distance that you need to go before you become successful.

So, a major part of becoming successful is based on knowing WHY you want to become successful and also knowing HOW to become successful.

If you have any difficulties getting a detailed reason of your "why" down in writing, get in touch with me and I will gladly help you.

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