Offer Open Only to APSense Members

by Maurizio Salvador

I have opened and Administer a Auction site. Site is in English, Italian, Chinese and more languages will be added in the Future. Site is well ranked on the web and gets a high daily hit rate world wide.

Sign Up and I will see to it that you run your business FREE at No-Cost, Now and in the Future.

NOTE......... I am offering this Only to APSence Members, so Only contact me through APSence and trough my JOIN NOW icon on my ApSence Business Center  - Provide me with your User Name that you will using to signing up with. I need this so that I can Credit your PPch Account Now and In The Future.

Join Group

You can integrate your ApSence Busness with the site by cross linking. If there are questions on this I will see to answer them and to find solutions to meet your needs.

The site is --->Passa Parola

My PPch Nick is - woodstock37 -Visit My Home Page at PPch

IMPORTANT - I am one of 3 Partners of the Site and I am the Admin for the English Page. So you have a direct contact with the Admin of the site.

I have made YOU an Offer You Can Not Refuse!!!!!!!

P.S - This is not Bringing me in any Money!!!!!


***UP DATE 14 Dec 2007***

Answers to Concerns & Questions:

1) My "Join Now button" - It is in my "Business Center" under "Business Network", this  were you join me in APSense for first contact. To sign up to the Auction Site you go directly there an sign up. Then you will let me have you User Name you signed up with.

2) Chinese & China - We have a partner in China who takes care of the Chinese side of the house. We will attempt to pull in only reputable business in that area.  Also China is getting Snob bed by other auction sites and is not giving them space to move in or should I say, they do not “Make Them Feel Part of a On-Line Community” (There are examples, which I do not want to list ) I have met grate people on-line in China and have never had any kind of problem. Maybe because I go in, in a relaxed mode and communicate a lot via mail and Skype.

3) The Links - The links I have here could make you land on a different language pages of the site. Once you get there go over to the right of screen, you will see a drop box were you can select your language preference. Some times it does not Refresh to the language you want; so you may have to do it twice. A little problem I have to sort out in the system.....I will get to it too.

4) Site Members -  There are already many members from the US & Canada. The site did start off as a site for a couple of us who were exchanging stamps via US, Canada and Italy. Some of those members wanted to expand the site to cover a wider range of items, so we did it. From the moment that happened in 6 months our members shot up by 80%.

5) Future Plans - Who gets in through invitation like I am doing now, these few will have a life time FREE Business with PPch and will have a Icon next to their Nick; a "S" which means Sponsor. Sponsor for having brought people to the site and for having placed their items on the site. New comers will pay small fees on certain types of services. BUT!!!! the fees will be paid Only on item SOLD or for services for grater visibility options of the items. Items that are not sold will go in again at ZERO fees, so they will rotate until sold (Automatic Rotation option can be set by member up to 50 times)



***UP DATE 15 Dec 2007***

1) Cross Linking - PPch Members can Link their PPch main items list pages or single item page with their "Business Center" and vise versa. Links can be in Text form or Photos with relative Links. PPch will only allow this to members that signed up here through me (I am one of the PPch Admin)  


Join Group


Members That Have Signed Up:-


1) 15 December 07 - Alas y Cia - Visit her at PPch - alasyciaStar

2) 16 December 07 -   kclj911   - Has not started to sell on PPch yet - kclj911






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Lisa G. Committed   Health Wellness & Wealth Consultant
Thanks. I will take a look at it later today.
My long coffee break on Apsense is over till night, but I'll be back.
Dec 13th 2007 17:36   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
Every link I click is in another language...I will check back later too...thanks!~

Dec 13th 2007 17:42   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
I am going to check it out too. There are lots of new auction sites springing up - and we certainly can use a goodie.

I'm a bit bothered about the chinese though - China is one of the biggest copiers of artisans' work in the world - and patents andcopyrights are ignored in many cases. Hope that this wont affect anaything here.

Dec 13th 2007 17:56   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Hey - I went to register and there is no Join Now button on your business centre. What am i meant to click on??
Dec 13th 2007 18:15   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
The theme to Jeopordy starts to play.....duh de duh duh...duh de duhhhhhh.....

Dec 14th 2007 02:16   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Right - I've got it - the Join Now button is only valid for those of us who ar not already members of ApSense! Duuuuuh

So signed up with the auction site and manged to upload something as well! Wonders will never cease! computer literacy rules ok! User name "alasycia"

Take Care
Dec 14th 2007 18:47   
James Kong Advanced   
I have just joined PPch. and Maurizio is a helpful and sincere guy. he is willing to listen and discuss with me to sort out details and planning for the partnership.

I believe both of us would benefit from this Maurizio!!

Dec 16th 2007 01:19   
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