At Last A Place Where People Can Just Be People

by Not Here just want my account deleted

Man, I have searched online for so long, I didn't think serious people existed anymore.  These days it's seems like it everywhere you go some jerk is trying to push their program on you, no one seems to realize there are actual people that make these things work by communicating with each other and pointing people in the right direction without worring about whether they are going to make a quick twenty bucks or whatever off you.  Groups like this one are a rare find indeed!  No one is pushing anything down your throat, we just write our stories about our own experiences and give each other much valued feedback. Man there are some wild stories getting posted here to, I know this group is going to grow into something simply outtasight!  All I gotta say, it's about time.  Here are just a few "quotable" quotes from some brillant new minds:

I am reminded of Thomas Edison. Most people remember him as the man who invented the light bulb. Wrong! Mr Edison
invented 9,999 light bulbs THAT DID NOT WORK, and one that DID! (much more impressive to me!) D

its like a stone cutter bashing at a rock. He bashes 1000 times trying to get it to crack and then finally the
rock splits in 2... The stone cutter knows that it wasn't the last blow that cracked it, but the many before
it... Eric Smith

Your why is personal to you and different for everyone. But your why is always in your mind spurring you on. It
is your why you are working for. The nicest part is while you are working for your why, you'll notice the money
does come. The money is not your why, simply the tool that makes your why possible. Cheryl


Champion spirit is one of patience, persistence, and
faith. Champions take careful aim on their goals. They
use repetition of thought and action, keeping a sharp
focus on what they want to achieve.
Chuck Bartok

Without any additional effort on my part, I can give a helping hand that stretches around the world. Rae Steinbrink

It is your life story. You determine what you are going to do with it.
If you do not run your own life, somebody else will.
David Dubb

But no matter what creed or faith we follow, we can be passionate about the gifts and blessings that we recieve.
We can be appreciative every day, no matter what for so many things.
Linda White

The next time you say you can't, before you say you won't, find a way that you can and you will. Rae Steinbrink

There are many choices, try many of them, find the one you are passionate about and settle down for the long haul.
If the shoe fits.....wear it.
Sherri-Anne Myers

Life could be so much fuller, if only we learned to aim higher.
David Dubb

The "big earners" on this site, are the ones that spend the time actually reading what others write, comment, top,
and actually learn from what has been written. The people who claim this site doesn't work or that claim they aren't
making anything worth using the site anymore.... are the ones that give no effort into using the site. Max Merrill

A very wise and close friend once said to me...

"...Regardless of how long we live on this earth, we are a long time dead..."

Its important to prioritise our time and use it for the important things in life... before its too late! Eric J Smith

I haven't felt this good or inspired in months, it feels so good just to get some honest feedback on my articles, see
my latest contribution to the group here:

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Eric Smith Senior   Online Professional
Great Blog Garnet. Its great to have you as part of the group that David set up.
Oct 21st 2007 02:44   
David Schupbach Senior   
I am soo Blessed! The members who have joined this group each have their own invaluable contributions!! Thank you Garnet for your untiring enthusiasm, your input, and your understanding of what the group is all about!

Eric, your support has been phenomenal, and always a rock I can count on!

Knowing I have such a great group of people involved in a common interest, helps me to understand my own goals and directions so much better. It also brings new affirmation that I am helping and making a difference.

Thanks to all members who are at QCWG for your hard work, and sharing! D
Oct 21st 2007 09:52   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Awesome! I am totally PYSCHED!! with the people that are coming together here and the direction of this thing, can't wait to post my next contrbution either! Thanks again...
Oct 21st 2007 13:53   
Shrihari Sawant Senior   Consultant
Garnet it is fanstasticand good to read. Really one who like to read will enjoy it.
Oct 22nd 2007 06:57   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Thanks Shrihari!
Oct 22nd 2007 13:59   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
Thanks G! This is a wonderful blog with wonderful facts and quotes! We all do have our own why, and determinations! Apsense is a great place to be! I have made so many friends along the way in this journey in Apsense! And oh! I haven't forgotten about the email about the trees that Ronnie was going to answer. But he worked all weekend hoo! :0( Thanks for being a great friend!
Oct 22nd 2007 16:44   
Theresa Advanced   
I am so glad you posted some of these quotes here in your blog!! I have often clicked some of the headlines only to find they are in the private group. :(

I have met some very incredible people here at Apsense and have learned it alot from them as well. It is awesome to see some of their names in your blog!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Oct 22nd 2007 17:03   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Jenn, whenever you guys have time, no problem!
Oct 22nd 2007 17:15   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Hi fishie,

We may be a private group but I do believe that D will accept anyone with a remotely serious mindset to the group. Thank you for sharing too!
Oct 22nd 2007 17:19   
Jean DAndrea Senior   Retired
With comments such as those in here, who cares whether or not we earn from Apsense - just reading and enjoying some blogs such as this one is reward enough.
Thanks for sharing the comments, Garnet.

Oct 22nd 2007 23:00   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Absolutely! Thanks Jean
Oct 22nd 2007 23:31   
Lutian Murphy Innovator  
Great post....I am new here and feeling my way around...but like yourself I do not appreciate being bombarded by people wanting me to look at their business. Professionals can simply post their business opps in their profiles and place ads online....I am capable of doing my own shopping. As they say "build it, if its any good they will come"

Lutian Murphy
Oct 24th 2007 11:45   
Kristian H. Professional   GOT Team Cofounder
Great Blog, thanks for sharing!
Oct 24th 2007 12:33   
David Schupbach Senior   
Garnet it is wonderful to see the positive feedback, I feel I should add that we accept anyone at the group Who Has A Demonstrated Ability To Write Quality Content (or the potential to, reflected by love of humanity, great attitude, and/or teachability)

In my latest blog at I outlined why a private group would be created. (It's not to be snobbish) It just allows the creator to design a more focused group, free of spam, among other things! D

Oct 24th 2007 20:17   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Hi Lutian,

Your right! If you run a business you should be running it on a professional level. When I talk business with people there is NO pitching, PERIOD! We just talk like friends and sometimes we get into ventures with each other, sometimes we just point each other to someone else who can help them.

Thanks for stopping by!
Oct 24th 2007 20:45   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Thanks Kristian!
Oct 24th 2007 20:47   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Hey D, no kidding! If I knew I was going to get this kind of feedback when I posted this the excitement might have gave me a heartattack..LOL This has been an awesome experience and I am just so grateful for all the great feedback I'm seeing. Your other comments are duely noted and will definetly be taken into consideration upon updating this blog or perhaps when I tell the story of how I first encountered you D!
Oct 24th 2007 20:54   
Karlitus karlitus Committed   engineer
great blog, good informattion
Thanks for sharing the comments!
Oct 25th 2007 14:49   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
Thank you Karlitus!
Oct 25th 2007 15:16   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
About time you made it over here! What's wrong with you better
Nov 11th 2007 18:33   
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