Paid to Surf?

by Ginny H. Boutique Owner
I just recently found a program that pays for autosurfing.  Basically, the credits earned can be transfered for small amounts of money or used to show off a URL.  Right now I am still trying to figure out if it works and if it works well.  Soon I will have earned $.14.  You heard me right.  Is it worth it?  I'm handing the floor to you now.  Tell me if you have tried this and how it has worked for you.  The program I am using can be found in my biz center.

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Wendy Senior   
In all honesty I have never been paid by auto surf program out there.

The amount of time spent to surf and the surf ratio's are usually not very good.

I try to look for Manual surfs with a 1:1 surf ratio Hard to find yes but there are a few out there


Oct 1st 2007 19:50   
Linda Welch Committed   
I just signed up for a free advertising program and you have to surf for credits just to get visitors on your site,you know, I think I am better off paying for my site.
Oct 2nd 2007 12:49   
Indrit Shkodra Senior   
well its a good surfing program too tnicc-online,i made 7 dollars in 4 days,you can find it in my biz center too,

u can also find helphits.check my group for it
Oct 2nd 2007 18:31   
Eric Smith Senior   Online Professional
Most of these programs (Paid to Autosurf) are borderline illegal.

Manual surf exchange programs can be ok, but don't rely on them as your only source of traffic.

Oct 3rd 2007 04:46   
neverwork Freshman  
seen it all if u like experience user to help u all out send me a message
Oct 4th 2007 12:37   
Nancy Bertoni Innovator   
I used to autosurf up to 15 different programs at a time using firefox (tabbed browsing). This was two years ago. Back then there were many programs that really did pay and I was able to make around 700 to 1200 dollars a month. I even worked as a staff member doing support tickets on one autosurf that paid well until SP froze their account and the site had to close (all members who were not in profit were refunded).There were also a lot of programs that were dishonest and ran with our money (delaying payouts, saying we needed to purchase more levels or just increasing the payout level and then closing down two months later).
Things really went berserk after the 12DailyPro incident and StormP... freezing and stealing everyoines accounts. The whole autosurf industry suffered and new, stricter laws today make most of these sites illegal or impossible to last.
I had always been told not to rely on them for principle income (I didn't head that good advise back then) and today, well, I just don't trust them anymore. People have lost thousands, even millions because of what happened. Today, if a program doesn't offer a real product for your purchases, they shouldn't be paying you anything. It would be wise to look for and work a program that is worhtwhile which will last and bring you a stable recurring income either from your investment or from your personal promoting efforts.
I'm just speaking from personal experience....
Oct 23rd 2007 11:14   
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