How do i become a free Authorized Dealer ?

by Callie

How do I become a Free Authorized Dealer? It's simple! Sign up over the internet through your friend's personal web site. You will then receive an M2C Global Dealer ID number and a link to your personal website.  Your Dealer ID lets you log into your online back office, place orders, set up your Scheduled Delivery and manage your M2C Global Business.  Encourage your sponsor to assist you when signing up.
What do I need to do to begin earning income from the Cash Rewards Program?  First, you must activate your position with at least a 40 BV purchase of M2C Global's products.  This will allow you to begin accumulating BV.  Second, you will need to qualify your position by sponsoring and placing one new Dealer who activates on your left team and one new Dealer who activates on your right team.  This will trigger our software to begin sending you Team Building Cash Rewards.
What is BV?  Business Volume.  Every product offered through M2C Global carries a BV value that is used to calculate Cash Rewards and A.C.T. Points.
Where should I place my first order? After you become an M2C Global Dealer for free by completing the enrollment process,  place your first order through your new online back-office.
What should I order to get started? You must place an order for M2C Global products to activate your position in the Rewards Program.  We recommend starting with our most popular business building package, the Career Pack.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First, it is the best value for the money.  Second, you get all three of our brands;  90 A.C.T. on-the-go Energy Drink Packs, the Systrim weight loss system, and 4 bottles of Vitalagy!  Our new Dealers like to use and be familiar with all three of our brands.  Third, you receive a credit of 250 BV which allows you to immediately begin receiving the maximum amount of Cash Rewards available.  In addition, you will have also completed the first step needed to qualify for our Triple Matching Check Bonus and our Mercedes Car Program.
Are there any other advantages to starting with a Career Pack order? Yes.  You will begin to immediately accumulate any BV that is generated from any order activity beneath you, even before qualifying your position.   This can allow you to earn Team Building Cash Rewards sooner.
Can you explain the benefits of Scheduled Delivery? Scheduled Delivery (SD) is a  standing order of M2C Global products that you have pre-selected to automatically ship every 30 days.  Monthly Scheduled Delivery ensures that you will not run out of your favorite products and ensures you remain eligible to continue to receive Cash Rewards, A.C.T. Points, and Dealer Matching Bonuses.
Can you explain the Triple Matching Check Bonus? You begin receiving matching check bonuses when you qualify for our leadership levels beginning with Silver.  As a Qualified Silver Dealer you receive a 10% matching check bonus all of your personally sponsored Dealer's Team Building Cash Reward earnings.  And that is just the beginning!  You will want to review our Cash Rewards Program further to discover all the additional matching bonuses for which you may qualify.  
What do I need to do to begin receiving the Triple Matching Check Bonus? First, you will want to qualify as a Silver Dealer by purchasing at least 240 BV within your first 30 days of joining the program and go on 40 BV per month Scheduled Delivery (SD). Second, you need to personally sponsor 6 Dealers who have purchased at least 240 BV and are on 40 BV per month SD. 
Can I earn even more Rewards when I help people become Silver Dealers? Our Silver Mentor Program allows you to help your personally sponsored Dealers become Silver Qualified, allowing you to multiply your potential payout of the Triple Matching Check Bonus.  The more Dealers you help get to Silver status, the higher your multiplier factor used to calculate your matching check rewards! 
Can I go even higher? Yes.  You can move from the Silver Level to the Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels of achievement where more Rewards, more matching check bonuses, and a Mercedes Benz is waiting for you!
How often does M2C Global pay Cash Rewards? Team Building Cash Rewards and A.C.T. points are calculated in real time and are on display in your back-office.  Team Building Cash Rewards are accumulated and paid for the week every Monday.  A.C.T. points are available to redeem as they are earned and accumulated.  Matching check bonuses are paid monthly on the 10th for the previous month's business.
How should I market A.C.T.? Our successful Dealers love our brands, like A.C.T., and give samples of the product to everyone they know.  A.C.T. works in minutes, lasts for hours and is the perfect way to show people you really do have something special! Here are a few tips that work best: Let an experienced Dealer guide you through your first few days! Sample! Sample! Sample!  Show your free site to everyone. Let the site do your talking! Share your personal experience regarding our products!  Place people on our conference calls to hear the M2C Global story!Can I visit M2C Global's headquarters? Yes! M2C Global currently offers tours each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon CST.  We welcome you to be our guest and take a tour of our offices and award winning manufacturing facility!

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