The benefits of prepaying for a PrePaid Legal Services Membership

by Cheryl Baumgartner Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I'm sure many of you have heard of a little company called PrePaid Legal Services . Many of you may have the wrong idea about what it is, so let me try to clear up the misconceptions.

Before I get into the Specifics of the company let's talk about "prepaying". Every one of us does this is some form. A good example is automobile insurance. Every month millions of us send a check to "the gecko" just in case we get into an accident. We do this not only because it is the law but also to offset the costs involved in an accident.

We pay for homeowners insurance to offset the cost if something happens to our home. We pay for medical insurance to offset the cost in case we get sick. And we all pay for life insurance to offset the cost of our death. So we are all on the same page with the idea of prepaying for life events.

Now let's talk about the legal side of things, starting with some simple math. The average American makes $10 per hour, the average lawyer makes anywhere from $150 an hour and up. Let's see to hire a lawyer at the cheapest rate the average American is looking at almost four standard work weeks. That's if what you hire him for only takes an hour. Maybe you can get one contract reviewed. Is it any wonder we don't take advantage of the benefits provided by lawyers when you look at it that way?

So what benefits can a lawyer provide besides keeping us out of jail or drawing up a will? Well did I mention reviewing contracts? Signing your name to something legally binds you to the terms. How many times have we let a sales person explain the terms of something to us. Are they actually telling us everything that's in the contract or maybe glossing over something that could be detrimental to us. How about things that are to our benefit that are not included in the contract? This is why people with money don't sign anything until their lawyer has reviewed it.

Now how about going down and buying a car that turns out to be a lemon. Do we know all the laws that affect that sale? Do we know all the subsections and amendments to those laws? Do we really have time to put in the hours of research necessary to find out?

How well versed are we on tax law? The tax code is constantly changing. If we get the dreaded "audit" letter from the IRS do we consult a tax attorney or grab the shoe box full of receipts and go to the audit by ourselves hoping we don't get stuck too badly before it's over?

So can we say we're all on the same page in saying attorneys can benefit us beyond handling criminal charges, divorces and Bankruptcies? I knew we could. But then we come back to the cost right. Poor Lady Justice, done in over a few dollars.

Now this is where PrePaid Legal Services comes in. Having a PrePaid Legal membership gives you the power to access the legal system by use of a lawyer. It's not just your monthly membership fee but the combined power or 1,500,000 members that allows you to have a provider law firm with attorneys that specialize in all areas of law on your side. Want to feel like Donald Trump, have your attorney review all of your contracts before you sign them. Got taken to the cleaners when you bought that car, call and talk to an attorney about your options. There are too many benefits to list but you can literally use your membership to access attorneys for any legal question you may have.

Another nice thing about PrePaid legal services is that they understand that the coverage is needed by the whole family. If you have school age children they are living in a world of zero tolerance. There are times when Zero tolerance means zero common sense, your child needs to be protected. Your spouse is often legally tied to you by marriage so they need protection. A PrePaid Legal membership covers:
1. The primary member

2. The members spouse/significant other

3. Never married dependent children up to the age of 21 as long as they live at home.

4. Dependent never married children up to the age of 23, no matter where they attend college full time

5. Dependent children you have legal guardianship of until the age of 18 living at home

6. Finally any mentally or physically challenged child living at home no matter what their age

To find out more about how a PrePaid Legal Services membership can help you and your family, visit my website at

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