Why Incorporate Offshore

by Peter
Everyone has his or her specific motives for going offshore. However, I believe that the only time to make any significant change, such as going offshore, is when doing nothing becomes a greater risk and/or cost than making the change. Therefore, lets us examine the question ‘Why Go Offshore’ in terms of the problems onshore that make it necessary to seriously consider going offshore. As humans we all go through much the same process in solving problems. As you read this today you will be at one of the following 4 steps to solving the problems that I will identify in this communication.

1. We all start off in various states of unconsciousness, oblivious to the fact that the problems even exist – “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free’’ – Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe.
2. The first real step to solving the problems comes when we become conscious of the problem’s existence and its current, or future potential, negative effect on our lives.
3. The next step is to find workable realistic solutions to the problem we identify as impediments to our success.
4. Finally, become sufficiently motivated to take positive steps to solve the problem using the information gained in step 3.

In my opinion we must go offshore because of the immensity of the following five problems that exist onshore. All other reasons for going offshore will be part of these five – you only need to be affected by one of these five problems to be justified in taking action!

1. Punitive and escalating taxes
2. Attacks on our assets through epidemic spurious litigation and unwarranted illegal government seizures.
3. Government intervention in our lives and businesses
4. No Privacy.
5. Low rates of return on investment.

Are you affected by any of these problems? – I will discuss and explain how going offshore solves these problems under the following four headings;

1. The Ultimate Tax Shelter – Low or No Taxes
2. Privacy
3. Asset Protection
4. High Profit Potential

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