Socializing Online

by Susan Parr Affiliate Marketer
It seems like social online communities are popping up everywhere. Everytime I tuen around there's another one. I love it! Some people are sticklers for one online community or another, but I prefer mingling in a bunch of communities.
One of most favorite online communities is MYLOT.


It's a paid to post community but they are very strict about their posting rules. They definitely don't allow spamming.
The great news is you are allowed to edit your profile with your business interests and you will earn a few pennies for your participation in the discussions happening there.
I know what you're thinking a few pennies, why bother? Well, you can earn a pretty descent amount if you are able to recruit a few people to join. If your referral earns $10 in a month, you are a 25% commission. Imagine the possibilities.
Of course with any program, you only gain what you put into it.

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Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Proximity Marketing World Wide
Hi I will check it out
Do make your link live your url is not working rated you also
May 19th 2007 09:26   
Susan Parr Senior   Affiliate Marketer
Thanks to you both. It is 25% commission. You're absolutely right!
and hopefully I fixed the link.
May 24th 2007 14:44   
Michael Brock Senior   
Hi Susan,

I just read your message and decided to pop over to your profile to see what you had going on over here. And this post caught my attention right off the bat. I belong to a few social networks too, but I have not heard of MYLOT yet. It sounds very cool, so I will definitely check it out later.

I would do it right after this comment, but I have to leave for an appointment in a few minutes and don't have time. I really shouldn't even be on the computer right now, but I, like you, am addicted to it and socializing on it.

One last thing real quick though, in regards to your link not working... Well, it's still not working, so evidently you didn't enter it right...I know the UBB codes can be confusing if your used to using HTML tags. So that you can get it working in your blog, here is your link in the proper UBB Code format:

1) For just posting the link itself, use this format:


2) For posting with a description, use this format:

[url=]Your Description Goes Here[/url]

You should be able to cut and paste whichever form you want to use right from my comment into your blog subject, editing as necessary. I hope this helps and have a great night! God bless...

Best Regards,


Jun 18th 2007 20:47   
Susan Parr Senior   Affiliate Marketer
Thanks Mike....

I have a lot to learn about HTML and all those other codes. LOL Glad to have you as a friend. Look forward to your friendship. Would love to hear where you are hanging out.

Jun 18th 2007 22:46   
Rafal Mly Advanced   Internet marketer and blogger
Your blog is very interesting, thanks for sharing the informations.
Mar 11th 2010 18:14   
Patty d. Senior   Promotor OJS
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Mar 11th 2010 18:37   
BERLINDO BIANES Advanced   berlindo
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Jan 21st 2012 07:52   
Abdellah E. Senior   Internet & eBusines, Consultant...
hi, very cool your blog, and very interesting
Jan 22nd 2012 02:19   
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