10 Tips for Writing a Stunning Resume without Any Work Experience

by Naomi Hustings Student

When students have finished college or university, it’s time to enter the workforce. A resume is mandatory, and it needs to show their passion, ethics, and dedication they have towards the job. The one big problem is the lack of work experience.  Students shouldn’t be discouraged from doing their resume because they don’t have any work experience to show on it. There are many ways to make their resume interesting by following these ten steps. 


1.  Start with the Summary

For this type of resume, the summary needs to be at the top and include just two or three sentences telling the recruiter who the applicant is and what they can do for the company. Because there won’t be any work experience featured, candidates need to highlight their skills and education in their summary.

2. Bring profile to life

This comes right after the summary on the resume and should describe the position the applicant is looking for and what they can bring to the company. Recruiters often seek candidates that are imaginative, resilient, and flexible. The candidates’ qualification should always be displayed in an enticing way.

3. Feature your potential

Hiring managers are looking for what the applicant has done and also what they can do. They need to be convinced that this person is capable of doing the job. Candidates need to make a list of any experience they have that may be relevant like internships, IT or working for a friend. Add any skills learned, challenges they’ve faced, and lessons learned. 


4. Work History 

When applicants lack work experience, the secret is to emphasize their skills and highlight their potential to the hiring manager. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the recruiter will take an interest in a resume that shows these things.

5. Skills learned outside of class

Not all of the skills learned by students took place in the classroom but outside.  Applicants should add to their resume any events they organized, notes or research they did to assist a professor or any finances they managed. These can all be shown in the skills section of the resume.

6. Consider your classes

Even is students didn’t learn skills related to the workforce, they did learn a lot of important things that can be used in the resume. Maybe they did presentations for seminars or classes, or they have analytical abilities. The recruiters will always look at these skills when evaluating a resume.

7. Re-word your qualifications

It’s difficult for graduates to understand and relate their skills and qualifications in such a way that makes sense to a hiring manager. They find it hard to explain what it would mean if the company hired them and how they could help the business.  For instance, if the resume shows they wrote a dissertation paper, it would mean nothing to the recruiter. The applicant should re-word it saying that they have the skills to do in-depth research and write lengthy documents that would simplify communications for the company. Then the manager understands because the gap has been closed between what the applicant did and how it can relate to the business.

8. Make it Presentable

It always matters how things look, and the same goes for a resume. The recruiter will be scanning quickly through the resumes and looking for something to jump out at them. Most applicants are now turning to a resume writing service because they’ve been doing these for years. They can put out a perfect resume that’s professionally done and is guaranteed to grab the attention of the recruiter.  Even without any work experience to show, they know how to focus on everything else.

9. Be honest About Skills Shown

When applicants are focusing on their skills, they need to remember that the recruiter doesn’t expect them to have the expertise and wisdom at this point in their lives. Be honest about the skills and with each one listed, back it up with the examples of when they were used.

10. Highlight achievements

Applicants need to show their performance in different areas such as their studies, any work they’ve done, and leisure. This will help enforce their skills and show they’re proactive and dynamic.


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Barbara M. Freshman  Traveller
Agree, even if people have very little experience in what we can define "real work world" we all have many skills that can help and that often are undervalued. Great tips and thanks for sharing!
Jun 10th 2018 15:01   
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