10 Things to know about hiring Self-Drive Cars

by Manoj Upadhyay Consultant

A few years ago, no one in India would think about renting a car for every small or distant journey; they would just aim to own a car one day. Even if they rented a car, they would do it on a temporary basis. Then came the concept of chauffeur-driven cabs that completely transformed the way people travel in metropolitan. The reigns of driver-driven cab industry were taken from the hands of unorganized cab owners to completely organized and safer cab companies. Now the latest trend in hiring a cab has brought in the driver-less self-driven car. The concept is best for people who do not want the intrusion of a driver while they travel in the serenity of hills or just want to have a great time with their family or friends in the city.

  1. For the love of driving

Sometimes, even the drivers are not perfect in driving a car and people who love to sit right behind the steering wheel particularly feel annoyed sitting in the passenger seat. They feel restless while the driver drives and they have only to sit and get bored. For such people, self-drive cars are a great option as they can enjoy driving while listening to their favorite songs while enjoying with their buddies.

  1. Safety

Even the registered drivers of the cab companies can be unsafe sometimes. Even if they do not intend to harm you, they may drive recklessly out of habit or tiredness. In the worst cases, they may want to rob or hurt you. When you hire a self-drive car, you can rest assured that not a stranger is in charge of your safety, but you are.

  1. Wide array of wheels

Even though the concept of Self Drive Car Rental India arrived a little late in the country, it is now here to stay. People have started loving the idea mainly because of the wide array of cars available in the fleet of cab owners. Hiring a self-drive car also gives them the opportunity to test drive a car for a long time.

  1. The benefit of cost

You may think that self-drive cars are expensive just by looking at the rate chart, but once you compare the per hour cost of self-drive cars with per kilometer cost of chauffeur-driven cabs, you will automatically deduce that the self-drive cars are much cheaper than their former competitor.

  1. No maintenance

Since you do not own a rented car, you are free from bearing its maintenance costs such as insurance, EMIs, repairs, etc.

  1. Privacy

Even if the driver does not utter a word, the mere presence of an unknown person makes the passengers in the car uncomfortable. When you are driving the car yourself, you can talk with your loved ones about anything you want without any hesitation.

  1. Convenience

Drivers often indulge in a scuffle with their clients or simply speak to them rudely. With Self-Driving Rent a Car, you do not have to face any such inconvenience of arguing with the driver, instructing him for directions, or waiting for him outside the parking lot.

  1. Better exploration

A driver would want to reach the destination as soon as possible since he may have to reach somewhere else within a stipulated time; he is more concerned about reaching the target place than letting everyone enjoy the journey. When you are driving the car yourself, you can halt it anywhere and explore several locations in a better way.

  1. Sense of pride and responsibility

You can be careless with a driver about the routes or anything else, but when you drive on your own, you can develop your sense of responsibility. You can even feel proud when you maneuver the car smoothly on the roads. The experience will help you if you eventually plan to buy a car later.

  1. More freedom and power

The rented car is like your own property till the time you are enjoying your trip. You do not have to be dependent on the driver or be restricted by the time limitations. The self-drive car on rent gives you more freedom and power; you just need to take care of the car as your own asset. 

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