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by Mike G. Marketer

Love this Ad Poster!


This is a no fluff article so if you are use to being fooled or babied skip this article and continue on the path you’re on. I wish you well.


I’m going to attempt to talk about a software that has made me more than a few thousand dollars over a few months but…


Can you answer a few questions for me first? I’m sorry if you said “NO” because I’m going to ask them anyhow.


Where ever you live does it cost money?

Does your clothes cost you money?

How about food?        

If you work for someone else does the equipment cost money?

However you reading this does it cost money?


The old saying that nothing from nothing leaves you with…


So, if you do nothing and you spend on nothing you can look forward to…wishing for this great fortune and making things happen is two different worlds.


One leaves your hands empty the other has real hope and promise. Which will you choose?


Now if you don’t have any money then you can do things the hard way. You can write articles for others and yourself that will put you on a path to success (be able to invest.)


I remember these two elderly gentlemen both talked about making money in two different ways. One let’s call him Ed, he liked to play the lottery for his fortune.


The other was always doing something or starting some sort of handy business. He one day decided to invest in a teen age kid. We will call him Lee.


Ed and Lee were best friends but disagreed on how to get money. They both were in their late 50’s and had a few bucks put away to live decent life.

One day Ed was yelling and cursing all over the place. Ed didn’t like to do much but chase young ladies and he missed playing his lottery which if he had would have made him 10 million dollars richer!


Lee laughed as loud as Ed yelled which made Ed storm off in a fury. Lee proceeded to call up everyone and told them about it to further Ed’s excitement.


Lee wanted Ed to invest with him in running the handy business and the side loan sharking he had going on. Ed liked the growth of his belly and the smell of beautiful young ladies he surround himself with day in and out.


Lee and Ed at one point ended up millionaires or close to it. Ed finally hit the lottery. He married a 24 year old and had a couple of kids.


Lee invested in a teenaged kid who was relentless in making money especially after his dream of being an electrician was denied.


Today, I would like to thank Lee a Chinese American taking a chance on a young underprivileged black kid, showing him the way to do business. I miss you Lee!


Now Lee took a chance on me because my butt was rarely in the sitting position. I always had something going on but it was just small things that I thought were big.


Lee showed me the endless universe! I’m far passed the sky is the limit now. I have no limits.


A young man who I envisioned to replace me as I replaced Lee died of cancer recently cheating me of my chance of the inheritance I have been fortunate enough (knowledge) to have…


Well, here I go rambling again but to get this part of the story over…Lee died and Ed died. Lee was a wealthy man and Ed’s young wife divorced him taking everything including his spirit.


Who are you, Ed the lazy lottery seeker or Lee the visionary action taker?  Look yourself in the mirror for the answer and ask it at the end of each day.


The Software than I like


I use Backpage on occasions and this one software has never let me down. I can post ads anywhere I want in minutes.


Now when I first used it I wanted to build a list for info products that I was creating under $10. It worked like a charm, I had I high optin rate and high conversion too.


This software paid for itself times 10 over in the same day! It is extremely simple to use and there is an instruction video that will cover everything.


What I like is if I come across even the slightest problem I contact the owner and in an hour or so problem is fixed. So if you’re tired of faking it instead of making it do something about it and grab this software today for a better tomorrow!


Check the software out here!





P. S. – I guess I went off track and fluffed it up a bit but I do love this software and I can’t help myself once I start writing it just comes from nowhere.

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