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Electric Power Plant Coal Crusher Machine
Apr 27 2015 20:25

Coal Crusher Machine Summary

coal crusher machine

The Zhenyuan Coal Crusher Machine is designed to accept feed though the top of the unit, pass it through the rolls, crushing or sizing it to a specified end product size.
The Crusher is designed for primary or secondary sizing of coals, industrial minerals, and ores with minimum fines generation."

Main Application

the coal crusher machine mainly used for material crushing and sizing, especially do perfect in electric power plant.

Applied Range and Industry

?Aggregate Material Burnt Lime, Limestone, Sandstone
Cement Plant Clay, Clinker, Limestone, Marl, shale
(can crushed raw coal
donít require pre screening)" Coal Gangue, Raw Coal, Lignite, Overburden
?Industrial Minerals Borax, Gypsum, Limestone, Limestone (Coral)
?Mining Ore Bauxite, Cooper Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Lateritic Gold Ore, Nickel, Zinc ?Ore, Kimberlite, Stone, Marble, Clay, Granite
?Oil Oil Sand, Oil Shale
?Recycling Carbon Anodes

Features of Coal Crusher Machine:

? ROM feed size up to 1500~2000 mm
? Extremely rugged, Capabilities in excess of 5500 mtph
? Minimal fines creation, Low generation of fines
? Different teeth for different material, Sizing rolls are offered in a variety of tooth patterns to suit the application.
? No easily damage parts. Can be used for 2~3 years without repair.
? Low height, do perfectly in ground and underground mining.
? Three types of overload protection, protecting the motor and reducer.

Coal Crusher Machine in Working Site:

coal crusher in stie

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