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Message From Valerie
Jun 6 2013 17:57

You are absolutely one of the very first to get this breaking news! I'm looking for MUSIC lovers, who also like making money and having fun!

Why I believe Top Promoter is destined to be a billion dollar company...

>>>  The right leadership with a proven track record. The financial wherewithal to fund this project from start to finish.  

>>>  The CEO of Top Promoter is very capable to lead our company on the path to success. Consider this...the last M*L*M company he owned/launched lasted 27 years and did over 3-billion in sales, before he sold it! He is the past Chairman of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association, as well as having served for years on the Board of Directors of the (DSA) Direct Sellers Association, in the US and Canada.  

>>>  Top Promoter proprietary software platform and business model will be a benefit toRecord Labels, Artists, Fans, and Entrepreneurs like you and me, as well as many others! Everyone will now have the ability to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar music industry, instead of just the big music moguls.  

>>>  Artists/Celebrities will be signed up as members in Top Promoter just like you and me. Most networking companies would die to have 1 or 2 celebrities that they can publicly say are members in their company. Top Promoter will end up with thousands of Artists/Celebrities in our company, bringing enormous credibility to our company.  

>>>  Top Promoter has the right product that everyone loves and can't seem to live without, MUSIC, delivered digitally in a matter of seconds.  

>>>  Those who choose to become a Top Promoter member and operate their Very Own On-line Music Store, will have full control on what artists and content they sell and promote on their website.  

>>>  Top Promoter is tapping into a vast un-penetrated market. MUSIC is a multi-billion dollar per year market, with absolutely no networking companies that are currently tapping into this industry.  

>>>  Top Promoter members can join for F*R*E*E, or choose one of the low cost product packages.  

>>>  Even Kids can sign up, have fun, and earn money, with their parents approval.  

>>> Social Media connectivity is already completely integrated into the platform.