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Advanced Encryption Software
Feb 1 2012 10:47


Probably one of the best and easiest security software for encrypting files. It uses the AES algorithm to encrypt files thus giving you the opportunity to add a second layer of security by adding your own password to your file.

- The software is easy to use and very fast
- We have tested it to encrypt files as big as 10 GB with sucess. The software never crashed.
- You can select if you want to delete the source and keep only the encrypted version of the file.
...and much more.


Give it a try. You have 15 days to decide if you want to purchase it. We believe it will be your best friend once you download it. It will solve all of your suspicions that someone is sneaking into your files by simply encrypting the file. Only you're the one that would be able to decrypt it.


You can also use it to secure files and than send them via e-mail to your end user. Your end user must have a copy of our software in order to decrypt the encrypted file/s sent by you.