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Aug 9 2007 16:37
greetings apsensors,
It's no secret that millions of people from around the world join home based 
businesses every year. And it's no secret that some of those people actually

make enough money to quit their jobs and become financially wealthy. The reason

those things are not secrets, is because every network marketer on the planet tells

us those those words every single

day trying to get us to join their opportunity! What we don't hear, however, is
the stories about the people who aren't as successful. The truth is that over half
of people who get

involved in a home based business don't ever make a profit! That's a scary statistic
when you think about the number of people getting involved every year. Why does
that happen???

You see in most companies, the ONLY way to make money is by referring other people

to the product or opportunity and earning money in the compensation program.
The challenge with that is that a lot of people DON'T LIKE TO RECRUIT and don't want 
to have to sign up a lot of people to be able to make money. So what happens when people

in those other companies don't recruit? Exactly, they don't make money! So what makes

us different? The great thing about MyWorldPLUS, is even if you never recruit a single person,
you will still come out ahead!
What I mean is this: Our product is a discount membership program that saves you up to 50% 
at over 175,000 retail merchants around the world! That means, you will save more
money each month than it costs you to be a member whether you ever decide to recruit a single
person or not! In fact many of our members would NEVER get involved in a network
marketing opportunity, but because of the value in our products and the powerful ways you can

save money on dining, travel, shopping, recreation, and lots more, it's a no brainer.
People are saving thousands of dollars a year and all it costs to be a member is just $19.95 a month!
I just wanted to express the power of our product line to help you save money AND MAKE MONEY. 
Some Members of our Team are saving hundreds of dollars every month with the awesome
discount membership card and cash back rewards program. It's so easy. You just login to your site,

look to see what deals are available in your area, go there with your card and you can get
everything from by one get one free sandwiches at McDonalds and Quiznos, to 50% off Hotel deals
when you travel. It truly is amazing. If you've ever wanted to find a program where you
literally save more money every month than it costs to be a member, you have found it!
Make sure you go back to the site and check out the Product page to see the value that you get
just by becomming a member. It is awesome!
Go to and login with your email address in the top box. 
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So, the secret is out. Whether you love to recruit, or absolutely hate it, MWP is EXACTLY what you've been looking for. Go back to your website and check out the Product page. Just go to

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Have an awesome day, 

alex alaska p