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Being at the right place at the right time is crucial but taking action is the true key to success. Knowing about a great opportunity means nothing without taking massive and immediate action.

Sep 29, 2008


Most People missed the boat on multi million dollar Company's like Mona Vie2005 and Xango2002. The growth and sales of those "juice" product Company's is nothing short of amazing.

How would you have like to have heard about these Company's before their was even a website?

I am 100% serious. Rarely does someone new to network marketing get to hear about something that is in my opinion destined to be a the biggest network marketing Company EVER! Look at what the new Dark Knight "Batman" movie is doing at the Box Office - Who would have thought?

This is NOT another "me too" Juice Company. This is totally revolutionary, unique and healthy.

I am now forming an interest list for a highest antioxidant all natural product Company that hasn't even got a website, has no information about it on the Internet and has been in development for over two years now...with some of the best minds in the business...infinance, executive, logistics, infrastructure, product manufacturing, delivery, and networking.

So if you can imagine getting in MonaVie, or MaxGxl, or Xango, or TahitianNonibefore there was even a website to look at, or before they even announced the name of their product or company. then get your name on the interest list.

There's no obligation and it's free to be on the list. Hurry this is all happening rather quickly as of 8-14, so don't delay...

Sep 30 2008

The top spots are up for grabs and can be earned depending on one's interest and action I am penciling in my organization and will place everyone according to those parameters. To start pre-building will guarantee even better spot. join our top team here  http://www.fall2008secret.com

You will receive more information and details will be emailed to you as I can release them.

PS. I have personally talked with the Owner of this Company and I am simply blown away about what I'm hearing. This is your once in a lifetime chance to be a the very top of something very very big!

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