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Rieke F.
Emilia Romagna, Italy
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Rieke is a great network marketer .I recommend it.
 - draganr October 17th, 2013

Rieke is a great network marketer who knows how to connect with people and build relationships. If you like to know how to use network marketing, then this could be your chance.
 - ralftom May 3rd, 2013

She is very dedicated to what she is doing. I am very much impressed by her comments on my article "Basics of Mathematics for Standard 10 /Grade 10" published on 2 days back.
 - anil7pute April 25th, 2013

I've known Rieke for some time, having met her while I was a few months old in affiliate marketing and while surfing on a known traffic exchange. I have since bumped into her in several places like here and Facebook. I'd say she has the passion for what she does and do take time to take a look at what information she shares. ^_^
 - raincrystal July 8th, 2012

Even I newly know rieke F, I have no reservation to recommend her ability, honest and hardworking consultant. I know she can do what ever task she have now.. Keep in touch and keep a good word...
 - visavis July 5th, 2012

Communication and Teamwork are not only abilities one must be able to perform but are also part of one's character traits. In my business related discussions with Ulrieke I was offered the nice surprise to see that she's already mastered these professional abilities. Ulrieke's business perspective and approach is quite unique and she acts in a very professional way upon it. It is always a pleasure to meet Ulrieke and to exchange not only business information but life related ones, too.
 - koson May 4th, 2012

Hi Rieke, glad to have you as a contact here, hope you doing fine in every thing you do.
 - belgianbill April 16th, 2012

She is very dedicated to what she is doing, you can find out some really interesting and useful information about marketing.
 - petroley September 16th, 2011

Ulrike is serious about marketing. She's also funny, and she will support you when things get rough. Our relationship is building up nicely. I suggest you get to know her. She's a no nonsense person. Ulrike, I hope your projects meet with a lot of success! Philippe
 - phmoisan August 19th, 2011

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