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Oct 11 2010 10:14

Live Smart 360 days of the year! 

It's Time to Live Smart!

LiveSmart 360 is more than just a new company, with innovative new products and the latest in compensation. We created and named this brand new concept in network marketing to embody living smart in every aspect - or all 360 degrees - of your life. That's why LiveSmart 360 is the last network marketing company you'll ever want or need to join.

Although LiveSmart 360 is a brand new company, it is the culmination of 100 years of industry experience. Our winning team has generated over $1 billion in sales, created numerous millionaires, and attracted over 500,000 distributors to our various past opportunities. We have a solid structure already in place at our corporate headquarters and distribution center in Sarasota, Florida. We have the industry's top executives, each with decades of network marketing management experience. We have a unique lead-generation and online product sales system that lets those signing up earn on product sales from everyone else who joins after them - forever.

In May 2010, LiveSmart 360 had its global soft launch, to be followed by a hard launch in January 2011. Already, we've introduced our potent, patent-pending, nutritional products that have the convenience and high absorbability of a mist spray. Already, the company has been endorsed by celebrities, athletes, and world-renown doctors. Already, we are attracting the industry's top field leaders, who are making their home with LiveSmart 360.

Why not join us? It's the smart thing to do.

LiveSmart 360 helps you live fit, healthy, and free. Our members and customers around the world enjoy a smarter approach to all 360 degrees of life, starting with the amazing 360 Mist with proprietary, patent-pending ZorbMax technology.


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