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Jan 24 2011 00:04
From the Founder:                                                                                                           
I am proud to bring my 25 years of experience running multi-million dollar businesses 
and to share with you the power of Internet retailing. The name KACHING KACHING comes from the sound of cash registers I would hear ringing throughout my chain of home improvement stores, Home Club. Each time a sale was made, the registers sounded out "KACHING KACHING" and I knew we were making money. When I started the Internet was new and online retailing was limited to just a few people. Now with KACHING KACHING, YOU have the opportunity to become an online store owner and sell millions of products and thousands of name brand items across the web. 
My goals are: 
To allow you to have the same opportunity to sell and make money online as the big guys; 
To level the playing field for everyone and; To create the first retail chain of online stores. 

JOIN TODAY to be a part of The KACHING KACHING Effect ?

Robert McNulty,


Lewiston, United States
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