Skinny Body Care
Sep 25 2012 02:35
NO HYPE - Here are the cliff notes: To start you need to try the product and ONE TIME $10 to start the business; free websites and marketing materials; both customers and distributors LOVE the products; pays weekly and monthly; pays 8 different ways w/ many bonuses that are attainable because there is no time limit on earning the bonuses and advancements; debt free company in growth mode; serving 140+ countries; HUGE team support and growth potential. This company rewards for hard work ... it BUYS your car and house (NOT lease, but buys plus pays the taxes on them) for you. Don't need either? Then you'll get the cash. CLICK THE READ MORE LINK BELOW to learn more and see 1st hand how we get paid! HOW TO GET PAID WEEKLY & MONTHLY WHILE BUILDING A BUSINESS

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