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I have 6 years internet experience and prior to that my late husband and I operated and owned our own security company. With this background I have had the chance to interact with many business people.

Combining the knowledge I have of offline business with what I have observed and learned online has given me the ability to build good business relationships. This is essential to earning an income online and this is the information I want to provide.

Currently I am working on the format to deliver this vital information.

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Jul 17 2007 22:56

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I look forward to your upcoming information! I sincerely appreciate it when people such as yourself offer their skills, gifts, talents and vital information. Thank you.
 - karenweir August 18th, 2007

Nice business center. I might have to get that ebook on marketing. But you should put some more info on your page about this business. It looks like a good thing.
 - marg12 July 30th, 2007

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Bronwyn Ngatai-Wilson
Kaitaia, New Zealand
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile

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