About our Business

“Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.”

Did you know a majority of Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year of their working lives, defined as ages 25-75, below the poverty line. 1

At QLxchange our desire is to help you find financial success by allowing you the opportunity to earn a stake to invest, guide you through the investment process and make your financial dreams a reality. With over 40 years of experience in network marketing, retail sales, investment management and the service industry, our team is standing by to help you.

When you join QLxchange, you do not simply start another investment, instead you join a community of professionals whose goal is to help you succeed.

At QLxchange, we work with industry experts to identify the opportunities and methods, which will best serve you on your journey to financial security. As millions of Americans reach retirement age and Social Security funds are depleted, we as a society recognize the fact that many of our elderly will be facing financial hardship. QLxchange works with you to create wealth and security for your retirement years.

We are invested in your success and take great pleasure in helping people achieve their dreams. Our experience in the industry is something we pride ourselves on sharing with our team members. Our team members have access to all the latest in educational materials and the freshest industry news, to help them make solid financial decisions. Knowledge is the key to success in the investment industry, and here at QLxchange we ensure that our team members have access to all the tools they need.

QLxchange has several programs, with varying levels of involvement, to help you earn a supplemental income. Find the program that works best for you. Explore our gold and silver program, along with several other opportunities, to gain the financial security you have been seeking and QLxchange will be right beside you each step of the way.



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