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Seyller Total Health And Wellness is committed to helping others live and feel better than ever by selling the best Health And Wellness products. We are an Independent Shaklee distributor looking to improve the lives of as many people we can share Shaklee with. We feel that this is the most gratifying MLM business there is because it gives us the ability to help others while earning a nice income in the process. Shaklee offers a great compensation plan that pays you 5 different ways, and gives the the ability to earn $100,000 in your first 15 months. We want to be able to work right along side of you and help you grow your business as we grow ours. I don't claim to be a network marketing professional or even a great salesman but all it takes it the desire to want to be your own boss someday. Please take a few minutes to look at our website and see all the great products we sell, and if you are not interested in the business part then I would encourage you to try the products. Every product Shaklee sells goes through extensive testing to make sure it is of the highest quality. http://greenhealthylife.myshaklee.com

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