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T.C.N. will follow in the steps of Groupon & Living Social and plan to dominate The TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE. Living Social when they reached 16 million members raised $175 million dollars from Amazon and has since grown to 46 Million Members. Groupon with 44 million turned down $6 billion dollars from Google and has since grown to over 80 Million Members. The industry is estimated at $133 billion dollars that local business spend each year on advertising just in The USA.

T.C.N. is one of the first in the industry to go after The TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE estimated to be The NEXT BIG Format in USA Business Advertising. Referral Agents motivated by the T.C.N. Compensation will generate millions in commissions via a 10 level Referral Plan with a 100% Matching Bonus. Referral Agents will derive income from text messages received from their network, business and personal ads placed by advertisers and by corporate accounts received by T.C.N. in House Sales Representatives.

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text cash network
Dec 9 2011 00:10

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Come join for free and start earning with Viewbestads and that's not all you learn and have fun and earn.
Aug 25 2010 04:39

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EARN BY READING EMAIL BEST PLAN.Earn Rs.35, 000-50,000/- per month from home No marketing / No MLM.
Feb 20 2010 02:58

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