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Hello everyone.  My name is Rodney and I know that there are many struggles when it comes to internet/network marketing.  I am here to provide any information that I think is valuable and hopefully there will be just one bit of information that will take someone to the next level and bring each of you the financial success that you wish for and deserve.  My motto is "Success is Within You" and don't ever give up.  Find the reason that you started this journey in the first place and make sure that it is powerful enough to sustain you when the going gets rough.  If you do that and remain dedicated and focused; success is right around the corner.

Learn to market yourself as well as your product/service.

Keep this in mind.  Who are you around?  Are the people that surround you the type of people who aspire to be where you are or where you are headed?  What is your goal?  Stay focused.

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