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AMA Nation is a new energy based network marketing company that has exploded onto the scene. AMA Nation provides the same quality and reliable level of electricity to consumers both at home and the office at reduced charges. AMA Nation is here to stay and take market share in the home based busines arena. They are surpassing the juice companies, the health care companies, even gold and silver are being left in the dust, because everybody uses electricity. AMA Nation guarantees its customers lower rates than the competition. AMA Nation customers enjoy great benefits such as no sign up fees, no credit checks, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees, and a guaranteed fixed rate that is lower than your current electric bill. The physical service remains the same only the supplier is different, customers simply pay their bill as they normally do, it will just be at a reduced rate. Its easy to switch and only takes a few minutes. Customers who choose AMA Nation over its competitors are automatically guaranteed to pay less for their electricity bills. New customers will receive 500 Savings Dollars the first day you activate your account. Then, for every month that you are an active Public Power Customer or an AMA Nation qualified Consultant you will receive an additional 125 Savings Dollars, which can be used to purchase products and services in the AMA Nation's rewards site. AMA Nation is also allowing you to profit from the sale of deregulated electricity and natural gas by joining as a consultant. As a consultant you can offer the reduced electric to both residential and commercial markets. You can also recruit other consultants and get a percentage of their sales along with the residual money you acquire from your customers electric bills they pay every month. As the amount of home businesses grow every day, so does the competition for home business opportunity. If you are looking for an income opportunity that is easy to talk to people about, can save people hundred

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