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Wood Pellet Packing Machine
Jun 10 2014 20:38

Biomass pellet packing machine is a type of high-speed automatic packing machine. It is suitable for weighing and packing materials with good flow property such as wood pellets, feed pellets, sugar, salt, rice, coffee nuts, etc. for commercial production. After biomass pellets are cooled by a biomass pellet cooler, biomass pellet packing becomes an important step for biomass fuel pellets going into the commercial biofuel resources market. With electric automated technology and scientific design, biomass pellet packing machine is accurate and efficient. It has been adopted by a wide range of biomass fuel pellet manufacturers.

Noticeable Advantages of Azeus Biomass Pellet Weighing and Packing Machine
1. Stable performance and high measuring accuracy; Equipped with digital display screen.
2. Can realize automatic control parameters setting, tolerance automatic correction, out-of-tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis.
3. Two weighers of biomass pellet packing machine can work together or separately.
4. Adopts import stainless steel to get a high hygiene standards, to corrosion resistance, and to get a long service life.
5. We also supply the automatic code printer and sewing machine for your choice.