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Wood Pellet Cooler
Jun 10 2014 20:14

For an industrial wood pellet plant, a pellet cooler is never a dispensable thing. When pellets come out of the pellet mill, they are always hot and wet. Then a pellet cooler is needed. Biomass pellet cooler is a type of counterflow cooling machine with highly automated control system. Adopting the counterflow cooling principle, it can cool down the temperature of the pellets to 3 ? 5? above room temperature and take away most of the moisture on the surface of the pellets at the same time. Besides cooling wood pellets, biomass pellet cooler can also be used for cooling feed pellets in feed pellet processing lines.

Striking Features of Azeus Counterflow Pellet Cooler
A. Adopting rotary distributor and oscillating flap discharging institutions. With the help of rotary distributor, biomass pellets can be spread flat in the cooling chamber. The oscillating flap discharging institutions makes the discharge of the processed biomass pellets smooth and efficient.
B. Azeus biomass pellet cooler adopts the counterflow cooling principle to process premium biomass pellets. In the cooling chamber, dry airflow flows from the bottom of the cooling machine to top. Thus the pellets is cooled gradually to take away more heat and moisture without breakage. 
C. Azeus biomass pellet cooler is with features of large capacity, stable cooling effect, low energy consumption, low noise, high degree of automation and easy maintenance. It is truly an exciting cooling equipment for a wood pellet mill.