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Small Electric Wood Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 05:13

As we all know, a pellet mill is the most important part for a wood pellet plant. Azeus small electric flat die wood pellet mill is a type of crude fiber biomass pellet mill. It is designed to compress biomass materials into biofuel pellets to replace petroleum, diesel and electricity. With capacity varying from 40kg/h to 550kg/h, electric flat die wood pellet mill is suitable for making biomass fuel pellets for home use or in a small biofuel pellet plant. Simple operating and reliable running and available capacity for choice, itís nevertheless a good choice for making wood pellets at home or for a small wood pellet line.

Remarkable Features and Benefits of Small Electric Wood Pellet Mill
* The pelletizing die is changeable and we supply various die with die hole size of 2.5mm, 3m, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for your choice.
* High pellet molding rate. The pellets made by our pellet mill is with a feature of high hardness.
* Electric flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain. Beside, we supply reliable after-sales service.
* It can also be used to making animal feed pellets and animal bedding pellets.