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Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 05:02

Ring die pellet mill is a technical pellet mill for industrial wood pellets processing. The common raw materials for making wood pellets are: wood sawdust, crushed wood logs, crushed wood waste and so on. Besides, it also has a wide application for biomass materials pellets such as: grass pellets, cotton stalk pellets, rice husk pellets, etc. With a large capacity, ring die pellet mill is common used in industrial wood pellet plant for large capacity biofuel pellets processing.

Remarkable Features of Azeus Ring Die Pellet Mill
1. Adopting the imperative feeder device to improve the feeding efficiency. It works well especially for some light materials such as wheat straws, grass, etc,.
2. Equipped with frequency conversion power engine to satisfy different raw materials to improve pellets quality.
3. Main drive adopts high accurate gear drive, with an output of about 20% higher than belt drive.
4. Equipped with overload protection device, the pellet processing procedure is more safety.
5. Developed by international advanced technique, ring die wood pellet mill is with novel and compact structure, safe performance, low noise and low malfunction.