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Rotary Drum Type Sawdust Dryer
Jun 10 2014 04:48

Drum type sawdust dryer is a common type drying machine. With reliable performance, elastic operating and strong adaptability, it is quite suitable for large capacity materials drying. The capacity of drum type sawdust dryer varies from 2.5tons to 36tons. With large drying ability and low energy consumption, it is widely used in mining industry and industrial biomass pellet plant.

Drum Sawdust Dryer Application
A. Drying chemical products, including: fertilizer, metal powder, sugar, building materials, etc.
B. Drying mining industry products such as coal, ore, sand, clay, kaolin, etc.
C. It can be used to dry biomass materials such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, grass, leaves, etc, preparing for biomass pellet mill.

D. Drying agricultural products and feed processing industry products, including starch residue, fish meal, medical, pomace, bagasse, etc.