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Electric Wood Crusher
Jun 10 2014 04:16

Electric wood crusher is a wood pre-treat machine.  Azeus electric wood crusher is also a fine wood grinding machine, because it can process wood materials into wood power or fiber to meet different product request. Besides wood materials, it can be used to crushing a variety of biomass materials such as crop stalks, groundnut shell, corn cob, bamboo, reed stalks, etc,.

Reasons for Choosing Electric Wood Crusher
* This is a new type of wood crusher. It can processing a variety of biomass materials.
* Besides simple structure and compact layout, electric wood crusher also has another feature of competitive price.
* Smoothly working, energy - saving, this electric wood crusher is competent for large capacity production in industrial wood materials processing plant. The final product particle is uniform and with a high fineness degree.
* As a professional wood processing equipment, it has a wide application in paper, wood pellets, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal, shaving board, sawdust board industries.