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Drum Type Wood Chipper
Jun 10 2014 04:04

Drum type wood chipper is a special wood shredding equipment. Adopting the advanced drum type chipping blades, it works more efficiently and stable. Common materials the chipper can process are wood timber, wood logs, wood board, wood branches, agricultural wastes, bamboo, reed stalks and so on. With a wide range of materials to process, itís a good under-servant for your biomass pellet plant!

Azeus Wood Chipper Application
1. Drum type wood chipper is more suitable for undersized wood logs. The final products of this chipper are even, thus can be used for processing paper, particleboard, fiberboard, stove fuel, animal bedding, wood pellets processing, etc. 
2. Azeus drum wood chipper can also be used to process agricultural waste and other biomaterials such as bamboo, reed grass stalks and so on.