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Feed Pellet Packing Machine
Jun 10 2014 02:59

Pellet packaging is the last but not the least step in complete feed pellet plant. Feed pellet packing machine is specially designed for automatically weighing and packing pellets produced by feed pellet mill to save labor force. Easy to operate, assemble and maintain, high stability and precise operation, the packaging machinery is favored in complete feed pellet plant.

Features of Feed Pellet Weighing and Packing Machine
1. High calculating precision, stable function, digital demonstration and easy operation.
2. Feed pellet weighing and packing machine is available.
3.Using the international advanced sensor and the pneumatic actuators, the machine works reliably, without pollution.
4. The out surface applies the plastic spraying technics and the inner surface applies stainless steel material.
5. The automatic hot printer, automatic sealing machine is optional to equip according to your requirement.