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Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 01:29

Diesel flat die pellet mill is generally used for pellet plant with capacity less than 1T/H. It has simple structure & design and at the same time can be easily operated, as a result it becomes quite a fashionable type for most customers. Our diesel flat die pellet mill is the multifunctional pelletizing device, which can produce both feed pellets for animal like rabbits, dogs, cats, cattle and fuel pellets used in fireplace, stove, furnace for warm in winter. Driven by diesel, it can produce pellets possible in any place without energy limit. As a professional supplier of pellet mills, we highly recommend the diesel flat die pellet mill for pellet making.

Advantages of Diesel Engine Livestock Feed Pellet Mill
1. Driven by diesel engine.
2. Rollers and the die are made from precise material of alloy metal, which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break.
3. Easy to get materials: corn, wheat, soybean, grass, alfalfa, straw, rice hull and so on.
4. Can make feed pellets for poultry and livestock, like chicken, duck, rabbit, pig, etc.
5. By changing pellet mill dies, you can make feed pellets with different diameters with one feed pellet mill.
Heat or steam application is not required in pelletizing. Without adding any binder, it can directly process mash feed into granules.